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If there is no cabinet: some interesting ideas for the storage of clothing and footwear

In the late 90s - early 2000s in the domestic marketappeared wardrobes and fashion them literally swept all the post-Soviet space. Yes, this piece of furniture is definitely practical. But first, many contemporary styles in interior exclude his presence, and secondly, not always and not everyone has the opportunity to acquire such a cabinet. Where is the store stuff, if the cabinet is not at all? No? - Here are some interesting and potentially useful ideas in this respect.


Stationary stand-hanger

The easiest and, at the same time, stylish waystorage of clothing and footwear - set in the room stationary rack-hanger. Experience shows that such a design can look very stylish, especially considering the fact that its production can be selected any material: treated and untreated wood, iron bars and even a thin iron pipes.

storage of 2

Hanging clothes hanger

If there is nowhere to put a rack ... hang it from the ceiling! This will save a lot of space and is convenient to hang your clothes on trempel.

storage 12

This seemingly simple installation, can be effective addition of interior design, if we approach the design of a dressing area with intelligence and taste.

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Shelf-hanger of stairs ...

Yes, you do not pokaalos. We offer to your attention the original version of the clothes hangers from the usual ladder, painted to your taste. Moreover, it also will serve as a shelf for storage, such as hats or boxes with shoes.

storage 4

Mobile stand-hanger

This is a very convenient option for ownerssmall apartments, as well as people who like to do permutation home often. Easy-rack clothes rack can be equipped with not only the wheels but also additional shelves for shoes.

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Dressing Room gallery

It can be called a bar attached closeto a wall, which can be used as a rail for hangers and more. It is convenient to hang clothes "for tomorrow": so ready to "bow" will serve both the interior decoration. And, if desired, the pipe can be hung from the cap. as shown in the photo - it is also an interesting idea.

storage 9

Open wardrobe

If you do not have the free space deficit. but you do not want to clutter up the room a large closet or arrange a separate dressing room, then think of the equipment open wardrobe. Typical shelf near the ceiling and a couple of hangers, racks, and you've got a full walk-in closet. This solution is perfect for skandinavstkogo interior style or loft, which is now extremely popular.

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Wardrobe boxes of

Another creative alternative to traditionalcloset - open a narrow plank of cabinet boxes. Suffice it to paint the boxes in the appropriate color and staple them together. Such furniture can look good in the bedroom and in the hallway, even the most modest in size.

storage 10

Under the bed

Bed with drawers - it is not todayrarity. But there are also "flip" model, opening up even greater opportunities for storage. However, in this case it is desirable nevertheless to stock special bags for clothing, so things are not settled in the dust.

storage 6

If there is a desire and opportunity, can and doesdo under the bed the podium, which will serve as a wardrobe. Despite the complexity of ideas, as a result, you can get a few extra meters of housing available, as well as unusual interior of a bedroom.

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Dressing in a niche

Any niche in the wall, including the pantry, you canconvert a dressing room. It can be open, hidden behind a door or curtain - to choose to you. In any case, this is a very practical solution.

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