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Ideas for arranging small and cramped living room

In the event that your small apartment notallows you to select a living room quite a lot of space, you must not aggravate the situation by buying bulky furniture inconvenient size, but rather use the space for a maximum of living.


Interior Design - resettlement priorities

Since the space in the living room a little bit, you can notto place there all you want. Prioritize and equip the living room, on the basis of what I do in this room. For example, if you want to, first of all, is to keep the library and other things, then you will approach the wall for comfortable living. If the room you need to gather a tight circle of friends for a light cocktail, safe place in the middle of the room as much as possible a comfortable sofa and a small serving table. If you plan to frequently hold family dinners and celebrations, then you no longer fit a dining table with chairs.


Select compact furniture

Putting space savings at the forefront, you herebyYou rid yourself room to life. Moreover, not only does the value of furniture size, but also its shape. Do not buy into a small living room a round table - it is not practical and takes up a lot of space, as if you do not like. Instead, it is better to put a small coffee table rectangular. Sofa, which you put in the living room can be sofa - so you will get more seats when you have guests.


Ideally, the furniture must be mobile, i.e.It can be moved without problems, if necessary. So it becomes a serving coffee table, moving closer to the sofa when guests came, and the chair near the TV complement this a tight circle.

Details of decoration for the living room

Try not to overload the interior superfluousdetails: small room, hammered decorative trifles looks cluttered. Use storage system, if possible, remove the crates and boxes all the excess from the surface - you'll see how much will seem more spacious room.


However, absolutely no decor living willresidential look. The composition of the candles, a soft blanket on the couch, glasses, ready for the arrival of guests - all this gives the interior life. You will see that the close living - this is not a sentence, but rather interesting features ergonomic design of small-sized apartments. The interior, created with love and inspiration, always happy and the hosts and guests.


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