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How to clean windows?

Dirty window glass "eat" a thirdluminous flux, reducing illumination space. maintaining many of the windows cleanliness problem is considered difficult, but actually it is not so difficult if you know how to properly wash the windows, not to leave dirty streaks and drips.

If you master the technology, the process willpleasure, and the result is not only a delight but also a beneficial effect on the health and well-being, because daylight is necessary for the proper operation of our body.


To wash the windows in the apartment, you will need:

  1. Cleaner. Liquid funds can flow down, so preference should be given foam - they better hold on vertical surfaces.
  2. Holder. In order to accurately apply the detergent and rinse glass, the carrier must be "coat."
  3. Eviction. A strip of rubber, which is necessary for the purification of water.
  4. A pen. To be correctly wash the windows, the holder shall be extendable handle - it will allow to reach the top of the window easily.
  5. Napkin. Useful absorbent wipe that can absorb a significant amount of moisture and does not leave fibers behind. It is best suited cellulose or suede cloth.


To quickly and efficiently wash the windows in the apartment, you need to follow the following steps:

  1. Wash the frame. If it is not heavily contaminated - just wipe, observing the direction from top to bottom. It is necessary to avoid contamination then washed glass.
  2. If there are streaks on the glass or paint drops - remove them with the scraper blade or razor.
  3. Then soak detergent "fur coat" (ifLiquid - dip into the solution and wring out if foam - apply foam directly on the "coat"), and start to apply a means to the entire surface of the glass. Very dirty windows have a little rub. Attention! In this procedure, the solution does not flow down.
  4. Properly wash the windows without rubber "Squeegee" is notout - they need to clean the glass of water, spending from the top to the bottom of the window without pressing. Every next "pass" should grab a little longer treated surface, the "eviction" very slightly tilted in the direction opposite to the promotion: if you clean the glass on the left to the right, then you need to tilt to the left.
  5. After that you can walk on the glass with an absorbent cloth.
  6. Wash the windows in the apartment - it means wash and frames, and window sills.
  7. And after washing it is recommended to lubricate the hinge frames. If your apartment windows - take silicone grease and walk her swab dipped in all the seals - this significantly prolongs the service life of windows and increase its insulating properties.

Council:When washing windows never get up on the sill, as well as stools, chairs, boxes, cabinets. Use only strong, reliable ladder. Remember, it affects your health and possibly life!

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