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How to use the bed for storage

How to use the bed for storage, the storage system in the couch. Ideas for small apartments (photo)

At a time when every square centimeter of space, even the usual sofa can be used with advantage: storage, books, useful things.


As a rule, upholstered furniture sofas, armchairs and footstoolsintended only to sit on them, however, a slight improvement from the usual will make the sofa a universal storage system.


For example, high on the legs can be a sofaused to store books and stacks of magazines under the seat. Or, to put under the sofa baskets or boxes with the little things that had no place in the closet. In the context of small-sized apartments, empty space under the bed - a luxury.


At the bottom of the sofa can be made smalldresser with horizontal drawers. It would be better if, instead of handles on the drawers to make the slot, otherwise the knobs may interfere with sitting on the couch. This greatly saves storage space and will help to place the sofa in a lot of useful things.


Keep things in the couch is also convenient when the sofa is both a sleeping place: in this embodiment, the bedding on the day it is possible to remove the drawer in the sofa.


For books, magazines and DVD in the sofa can be made andopen shelves, so things was convenient to take or put in place, sitting on the couch. However, these shelves will require careful maintenance, as it will probably gather dust more than bookshelves, located high up on the cupboard.


Although the idea of ​​storing the couch is not new, anyone can find her its own version of the application


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