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How to arrange lighting on the stairs in your house

A staircase leading to the second and third floor of yourat home, will require some attention from you, because, descent and recovery should be absolutely safe and comfortable for all members of the family. Without properly selected and mounted lighting, you can not do this, especially if the design of the stair is difficult, for example, twisted, it steeply goes up, or with several marches.

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How to arrange lighting on the stairs in your house

The staircase must be equipped with lighting fixtures if:

1 The ceilings above it are high enough or low.

2 It is on the street, which means that it will be difficult to go to the house without lighting in the dark.

3 The ladder march is rather narrow and steep.

4 In the house there live children and elderly people.


Installing devices for lighting stairs,remember: the light should gently dissipate, and its rays be directed parallel to the steps and downwards - so the illumination will not blind the eyes. In addition, the power of the lamps should be selected as the average, and if more light is needed around the staircase, it is better to create it using wall sconces or hanging ceiling lamps.


Now we need to figure out what kind of lighting is meant for stair flights, so you can make the right choice in time and create better conditions for your own home.

Flood lighting for stairs

Traditional top (or flood) light overstairs can be used together with orienting - so you can form a special, solemn atmosphere, or focus on the decor of the ceiling and walls around the marches.

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How to arrange lighting on the stairs in your house

In addition, flood light is necessary when the ceiling above the stairs is above average or very high - otherwise, the atmosphere here will be gloomy and depressing.

Lamps for top lighting, like their power, you can choose any, focusing on the design and purpose of the devices: LED incandescent, halogen or fluorescent.

Orient lighting for stairs

Orientating, or guiding light, is necessaryfor long stair flights, narrow and steep spans, as well as, street structures. By means of such illumination, the silhouette of the staircase and the contours of the steps are emphasized, so that in the twilight it would be possible without difficulty to go down or rise.

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How to arrange lighting on the stairs in your house

The guiding light can be set as:

1 point lights built into the wall, along the steps at a certain distance from each other;

2 tapes located under the roller of each stage;

3 devices built into the stair railing.

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How to arrange lighting on the stairs in your house

Council: Lamps for orienting lighting should be chosen either LED or luminescent - they do not heat up, use a little power, and are safe during harvesting and in operation.


Decorative lighting for stairs

This type of staircase lighting does not have a decisivevalues, it is rather useful for creating the right atmosphere during a family holiday, a thematic party, or as an addition to the orienting and basic light.


Attention! It should be remembered that the staircase is an object,which is used for movement, so it is better if decorative lamps should be insulated to avoid a fire in case they are turned upside down. Transparent lights, massive outdoor candlesticks or nightlights.


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How to arrange lighting on the stairs in your house

Correct lighting tonality

Choosing lighting for the stairs in your own home, a lot of attention should be paid to the thermal saturation of the lighting, because, ultimately, it will affect the mood of the room and your personal comfort.

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How to arrange lighting on the stairs in your house

So, here are some tips for determining the heat of lighting for a staircase:

1 Wooden structures should be highlighted with a soft yellowish light directed downwards to emphasize the beautiful texture of the material

2 A twisted or marching staircase made of metal is betterlight it with white or other cold light. By the way, if the staircase with metal perforated railings - the light will effectively dissipate, passing through the holes.

3 For glass and concrete staircases, there may beselected as warm and cold light, depending on your preferences. But to illuminate the glass elements better from the butt - the glow is uniformly and very beautifully distributed in the thickness of the material.

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How to arrange lighting on the stairs in your house

The ways to control the lighting of stairs

The most expensive are motion sensors,since their installation requires significant investment, but the device may become unusable due to power fluctuations. Only experts can install sensors, and when acquiring a device, you need to inquire about the types of lamps they will fit.

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How to arrange lighting on the stairs in your house

Otherwise, the motion sensors are convenient, because they allow you to instantly illuminate the ladder, if a person comes close to it, and turn off the backlight as soon as the object leaves the scope of the device.


The economical option is to usespecial temporary buttons, or timers. The light turns on for a certain time, necessary to climb or descend the stairs, after which, - it turns off automatically. The device does not require complicated wiring.


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How to arrange lighting on the stairs in your house

Controlled switches are good where there is noPossibility to mount the wiring in the walls, for example, in the finished interior. The device is a box that is attached to the surface of the wall, and receivers on each lamp that receive the radio signal at a given distance.

Good luck!

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