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How to save on utilities?

How effective are trying to save onutilities, and how you can really win this? In fact, much more than it seems at first glance. What should pay attention in the first place, if you decide to come to the management of the family budget more rationally?

Do we know, for what pay? And if it's time to stop paying for something that we do not need?

  1. Carefully read all of the items in the document onpayment. Perhaps you are still paying for the services, which have long been disconnected. This may be a radio, which for many years was silent, or cable TV, which you do not use.
  2. Check the rate of landline, maybe he maximum, and the "town" is you need every month. You may want to change to a cheaper tariff, or even to abandon it.
  3. To reduce utility bills, make themIn those banks that do not charge for this commission. It seems to be a small amount for the year decently burden the family budget. As a rule, the cheapest way to pay via the Internet.
  4. If you leave the house for more than five days,you may request recalculation. In advance take care of the documents, which confirm the fact that you really have not lived in the apartment. During the summer holidays get a substantial discount!

One of the most valuable resources - water. Pay for it is not worth the extra money. The most effective to save on utilities, citing the order of the apartment water supply system.

  1. Set counters, if still not done so. Every day, water supply and sanitation services are becoming more expensive, and especially - for those who are absent in the apartment metering devices.
  2. Check from time to time for leaks, forwhich record water meter readings before they leave the apartment, and compare with those obtained by return. This is especially significant in that if you leave their homes for a couple of days. Check for leaking taps and toilet tank. Leaking water drop by drop over the last month can reach hundreds of liters in volume.
  3. Substantial savings on utilitieseconomy is impossible without water, but it does not mean that it is necessary to wash under a thin stream. Change your shower head on having finer holes. Wash the shower - the water will take less than a bath.
  4. Significantly reduce water consumption will help replacing dvuhventilnyh cranes on lever: water once the desired temperature is supplied to the tap.
  5. If your toilet tank of a single button -replace it with one that is cost-effective discharge mode (two buttons). What you need to throw away, throw in a bucket rather than the toilet - is also significant savings.
  6. You know how you can reduce utility bills when brushing your teeth with the tap turned off? Water consumption is reduced to 900 liters per month!
  7. Another way to save money - buy new equipment: a washing machine and dishwasher class "A". These units will not only use less water and electricity.

Sitting in a dark room is not onlyunpleasant, but also unhealthy. The eyes and the nervous system thanks for this is not to say. However, electricity can be saved if the right approach to business.

  1. And dual-rate counters help trehtarifnyealmost without any effort to save on utilities. Mobile phones and other electronic gadgets charged at night, and it will cost less. At night, you can program and laundry, and washing dishes in the dishwasher - the cheapest electricity in the night.
  2. Replace incandescent bulbs with energy saving. They are not in vain so called - savings of up to 80%. In addition, the light from these lamps more pleasant and useful for vision.
  3. To light does not burn in vain, illuminating the empty rooms, you can set the switches with motion sensors, or at least train yourself not to forget to put out the light.
  4. You have an electric stove? It is better to replace it by induction, it consumes much less energy, besides this plate will not only save money on utilities, but also facilitate cooking.
  5. Pick the size of the pot on the size of the burners, or up to half the cost of electricity will go "into the air".
  6. Conventional electric stove can be turned off forfive or ten minutes before the meal, which also provides energy savings. Due to the residual heat the food will have time to prepare fully and without additional heating.
  7. Gas stove can save on the boilwater, if you refuse an electric kettle. Use an electric? In time, clean it from the scale, in order to avoid overspending of energy. And press the power button only when you really need it, rather than "just in case"
  8. The instructions are not written in vain to the refrigerator thatit should be kept away from the battery and the southern windows, and do not recommend to put against a wall. All this leads to a deterioration in heat dissipation and power consumption increase.
  9. Reduce utility bills can be acquiringhigh-end household appliances with low energy consumption class A or B. This applies not only to refrigerators and washing machines, but also to the vacuum cleaner, iron, slabs and even teapots!

To understand how big your heating costs, compare the numbers indicated in the payment, with the numbers of your neighbors. Do you think that paying more?

  1. Make a separate count for somethinghousing area, multiply by standard price of heat and heat units. What happens, should be divided into at footage of apartments in the house, and multiplied by the area of ​​your apartment. In that case, if you pay more the resulting figures seek clarification from his management company.
  2. Save on utility services will helpinsulation of public spaces at home, such as the entrance. Check with neighbors how well the front door and the window in the entrance hold heat, and if necessary, refer to the management company.
  3. In winter Insulate windows, and especially - the doorsBalcony, which goes through a considerable amount of heat. If there is an opportunity - replace the old frame on the windows, at least - two-chamber, and better energy-saving.
  4. It is believed that the dark color of the batteries can increase the heat out.
  5. Always open windows in winter - spring rise in heating costs. It is better to open the window for a few minutes than to keep the ventilation mode all day.

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