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How to increase a small room?

visually increase the room

To visually enlarge the room there is a mechanical and design method.

mechanical method

The mechanical method of increasing a small room requires fundamental changes in the room. Let's look at these changes in more detail.

  • Making the arch or remove part of a wall

For example, if you want to enlarge a smallroom, you can achieve the effect by extending the space beyond the room itself. For this purpose, any door must be converted through the archway, or you can remove part of the wall.

enlarge a small room

enlarge a small room

  • Combining space room with balcony

Another constructive solution may becombining space room with balcony, in case of their neighborhood. In order to increase the small room balcony insulated, remove the window and balcony door, and now - space is increased by at least a third.

enlarge a small room

Visually enlarge the room

design method

Visually enlarge the room is less expensive, but less dramatically. To achieve the effect of increasing the small room will help us to design some simple techniques.

  • Color solution

The walls are painted in white - a traditionalsolution for small spaces, white reflects light and expands space. The combination of milk-white walls, with a touch of melted butter and a ceiling light, a difference of a single tone, not only visually increase the room, but also help to "raise" the ceiling.

enlarge a small room

How to increase a small room?

It is important to use the Scandinavian style for small spaces, due to its unique features it is able to increase the space visually.

how to increase small room

  • Photo Wall Murals with the effect of the continuation of the space

Excellent expand space wallpapers small rooms, which use the effect of the continuation of the space, they depict a road or street, stretching into the distance.

How to increase a small room?

  • Proper lighting

Of great importance in visual perceptionroom has a light filling. Proper positioning of the light sources - it is a great advance in increasing visual room. First, the light should not be located in a lonely point of the room, so "beloved grandmother" chandelier should relocate.

To enlarge a small room refrain fromcold shades of lighting, a warm yellow color, more cozy and makes the space more "deep". A good solution for a small room is a minimum of two scenarios of lighting, such as spotlights around the perimeter and a couple of floor lamps.

The role of lighting on the perimeter can play LED strip embedded in the false cornice, with a small space from the ceiling, this method of "exalt" the ceiling and expand the room.

enlarge a small room

  • Mirrors

The use of mirrors in the entire height of the walls or furniture visually prolongs the flat line, optically increasing the area.

How to increase a small room?

enlarge a small room

  • The right choice of furniture

In the case of increasing the small room is very importantrole right choice of furniture and its amount. A sample set of how to visually enlarge the room, the living room will look like this: folding sofa, wardrobe, the best wardrobe, it is very capacious, but at the same time, visually it looks compact. Mirror, can optionally be on the free wall on the cabinet door or in a closet. Work table - a small, optimum positioning it either on the brackets to the wall with folding mechanism, or at all to use a folding analog.

how to visually enlarge the room

Click to enlarge a small room

  • Curtains

Click to enlarge a small room will help the curtains, it is better to use light flowing fabrics, bright and pastel shades.

Click to enlarge a small room

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