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How to make the bedroom more spacious 4 Council

How to make the bedroom more spacious 4 Council

Even the most modest on the bedroom area can beMake visually spacious, if intelligently approach to the design of its interior. In this article we offer some useful tips on how to expand the space of the bedroom, not using magic.

Optimizing Storage

Furniture storage takes a long dream. Lots of. For example, a decent wardrobe, in which you can put all the female wardrobe, can exclude the presence in the room double bed - are you ready to make such sacrifices? Donate, in general, and do not need to: you can simply store your clothes in another room, leaving the bedroom a mobile hanger for those things that you are wearing right now. In the best of circumstances, if behind a wall of the bedroom, in the next room, there is some free space, you can set the built-in wardrobe with sliding mirror doors. So you "kill two birds with one stone": the place and did not take too much, and get a huge mirror, visually expand the space. Look carefully at all the options for the purchase of bedrooms in bulk, you may find other ideas to optimize space.

How to make the bedroom more spacious 4 Council

Suspended interior items

Bookcase misplaced within a smallbedroom, even if you are an avid knigoman, and can not sleep without reading a couple of chapters of your favorite detective. And even if you are, in addition to books, the store cupboard commemorative trinkets - a case should be excluded from the room. All of its contents can be beautifully arranged on open shelves outboard. First, it saves space, and secondly, it is stylish and beautiful, and the third, so your bedroom will look much more spacious.

How to make the bedroom more spacious 4 Council

By the way, dressing table can also be replacedHanging console - Places to do make-up will be enough, but the movement of the room is not difficult. Directly above the console, you can hang a mirror (do not buy the same floor mirror, and so if space is not enough). And instead of a chair at the console, not bulky stools will look great, and miniature ottoman.

Windows and doors in light

Dark massive door to the room is visuallyreduce the room even more. It is quite another thing, if in its place to put light door with frosted glass. By the way: sliding door into the room, "give" you an extra meter of space. As for the windows, they should maximize release: not clutter the window sill and the window opening is not made heavy curtains - bright light tulle will look much better.

How to make the bedroom more spacious 4 Council

Modest king-size bed

Would you like to relax on the large doublebed - please. But if at the same time you want to make the room bright and airy, choose modest royal bed surround without the head and feet sticking out. And another thing: the lower the bed, the less it will seem massive.

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