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How to furnish a small apartment stylish and inexpensive. Cheap interior design (photos)

How to furnish a small apartment stylish and inexpensive. Cheap interior design (photos)

It is clear that the one who can find the meansfor the purchase of a luxury cottage, buy a modest apartment in an urban high-rise will not. Therefore, to talk about sverhshikarnyh repairs small apartments, often, is not necessary. Thus, the main task of a modest apartment owner is to create a stylish, comfortable and, most importantly, inexpensive interior.


Many of these requirements can cause askeptical smirk, because stylish housing issue - it is not cheap, and even more so if we are talking about small apartments, where everything has to be ergonomically and functionally. But, relying on the advice of experienced designers, we have listed below, you will be able to design small apartment and the envy of all with the savings for yourself!

Savings in the interior design


First, do not rush to buy the new and veryexpensive designer furniture. You know, what should be the design of your small apartment, so try to act as their own designer. For example, you can give a second life to long-forgotten grandmother's couch in the corridor of the apartment.


All that you have to spend in thiscase - it is for its transportation, as well as specialist services, which could replace the upholstery of the rarity. Buy baby furniture from Ivanovo instead of wildly expensive Italian. You know how to sew - perfect! Then you will not only save money by making your own upholstery, but also boasts the guests that made a kind of beauty with his own hands. Even more economical option - a spectacular Divan cover instead of a new upholstery. He will also be able to hide all the flaws of the old furniture.


Distracting maneuvers at registration

Distracting maneuvers literally enliven the interiorsmall apartment. Since the small rooms made to draw in light colors, the bright, unusual accents immediately catch the eye, on the background of monochrome and triviality.


Thus, one can use this tricknot only aesthetic, but also practical use. For example, if the floors in your home has long been asking for repairs, but it is not included in the list of your nearest capital, then make sure that everyone was looking at the ceiling. Let there be an original chandelier, suspended ceiling with prints or Chinese lanterns - it does not matter, the main thing that it attracts attention and in harmony with the rest of the design space.


A selection of furniture

Interior small apartment is most in need of furniture to store things - this is one of the main problems for any owner of such housing.


However, everything can come up with soul and imagination. Let all say the cumbersome, dark cabinets no place in small apartments - just closets. But we also need to make cost-effective design of small-sized apartments, so you can take the vintage wardrobe of coarse, dark wood and just repainted it white!


This will make it virtually invisible against the backgroundlight walls, but so you will have plenty of space for clothes and personal belongings. You can also use the old trunks and suitcases, not only as a repository for your accessories or decor, but actually the furniture.


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