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How to expand the space. Successful interior design ideas small apartment

How to expand the space: the idea for a small apartment. Successful design ideas small apartment

Quite often it happens that we simplyforced to compromise. This can apply to both personal life and career, and the arrangement of their own homes. The reality is that not every one of us has enough money for an apartment or a huge time for their own home care. So filled with residents of the small flats of our country.


Some perceive life in a smallapartment as a disadvantage and inferiority, they say, discomfort and distress. However, the practice of many leading designers showed that if the design and interior of small apartment decorated properly, then such housing can be much better and more comfortable than the tasteless left the mansion.


The main thing - to be able to expand the space. To learn how to create similar magic with his own hands, you can find out right now.


The interior of the two levels

For example, one method - usespace "height", ie to make the interior in two levels with a small staircase to the second floor, which allows for a small area of ​​the apartment to arrange a full apartment. Split-level interior always looks unusual and beautiful staircase to order St. Petersburg - is a sure way to add flavor to the interior design.


European designers, processing designsmall apartment, often prefer to leave "naked" window. Especially when a large window. Thus, the room is filled with the most sun and a feeling of freedom. Of course, this idea is not all fit and enjoy, so there is still one way out: to prefer curtains to match the walls. It will also help to visually increase the size of the premises.


storage system

Successful storage system - it is practicallythe basic condition for those who want to create a harmonious interior small apartment. Try to use a minimum of furniture, but at the same time that it is the most capacious. That is manifest imagination. Perhaps bulky old chair in your work area is better to replace a compact and comfortable ottoman, which also can put my stuff?


Similar color materials

If your apartment was composed of severalImprovement, try to arrange their design so that they resonated with each other. Use similar colors and materials. Even if, for example, your bedroom floor is covered with carpet and in the living room - parquet, try complement the design of the living room carpet, consonant with the carpet in the next room.


Furniture and decor elements

One more thing: Interior small apartment will be look much more spacious, if its registration you will be using the furniture and decorative elements with reflective surfaces. If you like a mirror - here it will be most welcome!


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