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How to decorate the house for Halloween

Halloween - a happy holiday when costumed childrenThey go from house to house, demanding treats and gifts, threatening revenge stingy hosts of evil spirits. The symbol of All Saints Day became a "pumpkin head" - a lantern from a pumpkin with slots in the form of the eyes and toothy mouth, and a witch on a broomstick. On the eve of a lantern with a lighted candle is exposed in the windows of houses to wandering in the neighborhood vermin I did not come into the house, thinking that he is already occupied by someone of their own.


Halloween Ideas

Many countries are carefully prepared for the mysticalHalloween holiday. Modern Halloween originates from drevnekeltskogo New Year, which was celebrated on November 1 to the ancient calendar. The Celts believed in the fact that on this day they briefly reunited with their dead relatives. (Hence the name of the other Halloween - Feast of the dead.)

halloween party decorating ideas adults

Halloween - fun, but also a terrible holiday. That is why the decorations for Halloween should be not only fun, but also pugayuschimi.Ischete than to surprise and scare your guests? So let's get started!

How to decorate the house for Halloween

Vase mummy. To work you will need: a glass vase or jar, bandages, toy eyes and a small candle. In principle, everything is simple, wrapped in bandages in a mess tin, purposely leaving gaps at the final stage of sticking eyes and set inside a candle.



Ghosts and ghost

Particularly impressive look hovering around the houseghosts. For their manufacture will need a large number of cheesecloth or plain white cloth. The gauze should be immersed in a solution of PVA glue mixed with water to inflate a balloon and wet gauze placed on the ball, spread in the form of ghosts and leave to dry. After drying, blow the ball, and on the surface of a black marker to draw a gauze - eyes and mouth ghost. After that, similar to the one you can hang around the house, fixing on the chandeliers, lamps, doors and hangers.



Jack Lantern.

Lantern Dzheka.Konechno same, this holiday can not do without all the known lamp Jack carved pumpkin.
From pumpkin can make original vase.


Candlesticks and lamps

Candlesticks and lamps. Make these candlesticks can be from cans or cups, paper and ink.




Candy. This holiday simply can not do without all sorts of sweets, such as candy ... Therefore candy you can prepare lovely vases, for example transparent paint cans or orange paint, draw eyes, nose, mouth and enjoy the result.



Entrance door

The front door, which immediately immerse you in a festive atmosphere. Crows and the web, and even bringing homemade gravestone - it can make all the festive atmosphere and at the same time scare!
Make a festive bouquet of Halloween can be from an old tree covered with cobwebs, bats, spiders and dark pot. Pattern the windows and doors with wreaths of black color, with spiders and skulls.



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