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How to create an interior with character in a small apartment. Individuality in interior design (photos)

How to create an interior with character in a small apartment. Unusual, stylish interior small apartment. Individuality in interior design (photos)

Whatever it was, our homes, our fortress,always reflect the characters and tastes of residents. Does the owner of the apartment or the taste is not, bedroom and living room of his house will say more about him than the summary sent to the potential employer. Even if we trust in his corner decoration experienced designer, with time it becomes just such a form that best correspond to our ideas about comfort, life and everything that is united under a warm and family the word "house."


Therefore, even if not at your disposala huge house, but only the interior of a small-sized apartments, why not make it original and stylish display of your temperament and character, initially, at the first repair? How is this possible, we will try to explain in this article.


Elements of interior design at

So, each of us certainly has its"Highlight", because we are all unique. So design small apartment may have its own emphasis, most emphasize the originality of its owner. All probably already know that light colors in the decoration of walls, ceiling and floor make it possible to expand the space visually. Just on the basis of any such striking elements of the interior or decor will look particularly impressive.


Interior small apartment does not accepta large number of furniture and accessories, but you can always play on harmony and color balance. Thus, even the most modest apartment on the square can become a real oasis of freshness and brightness of the quintessence - it all depends on your personal preferences.


By choosing a color scheme for a smallSpace must be approached with extreme caution, because it is a fine line between trivial and superfluous. Even at the stage of the selection of building materials, it is advisable to plan the basic color combinations in your interior.

The golden rule of all designers

Any design of small-sized apartments willwinning, if decorate it, relying on the golden rule of all designers, prohibiting use more than three colors in one interior. It is based, as already mentioned, it is better to take a lighter shade as much as possible and to "dilute" it couple more saturated colors. It can be used both in the finishing of the premise, and furniture, and, of course, textile. After all, with the help of textiles you can create a truly unique, distinctive, atmosphere.


Placement of furniture


The furniture arrangement is also desirable to showindividuality. Try to move away from the stereotype of "propping up the wall furniture." In modern interiors, designers can put to one wall, a maximum of two subjects. And then, in most cases, it is either a wardrobe or a bed. But as we make the interior of a small-sized apartments, it is the alienation of stereotypes is not always convenient. But this problem is solved by means of medium-sized, portable furniture: chairs, bags, stands on wheels, folding tables and folding screens.


And finally: if you want to draw the design of small-sized apartments most solid way, it does not mean you have to buy a lot of expensive items. Just give preference to natural materials. Natural wood and stone will never go out of style!


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