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Himself colorist: 13 secret ways to professionally combine colors in the interior

Secrets of the color combination in the interior.

White, gray, beige - the color, which becameremain relevant in the interior design. But what to do if they seem boring and featureless? Explore proven methods that will help to create a win-win combination of color in the interior.

1. Universal poluneytralnye color

Soft shades of blue and green - the colors poluneytralnye.

By poluneytralnym are muted shades of blue and green. They go perfectly with almost any other color, and with each other.

2. Two neighboring tone

How to combine the color in the interior? Simply use the adjacent hues.

Two adjacent tones of the same color - a simple but effective color combination. For TGO to the interior was not monotonous, do not forget about the contrasting accents.

3. Playing without rules

How to combine colors in the interior? Eclecticism allows any combination.

Another possible course of action when choosingof colors - not observe any rules at all. But in this case in the interior should prevail neutral background on which color splashes will look particularly expressive.

4. Focus on the wallpaper

Wallpaper as a color palette.

Select the wallpaper with a complex multi-colored patterns. This palette, which should be targeted. Each of the colors present in the interior, and to be on the wallpaper.

5. Several small geometric ornaments

Small ornaments perfectly in tune with each other.

Feel free to combine several items in the interior withfine geometric patterns. As the palette, you can select an abstract painting, which combines a variety of colors. But this rule can be ignored and, relying only on his own imagination.

6. Revival White

White revives neutral colors.

The combination of neutral or poluneytralnyh colors may look dull. Universal way to revive this combination - add in her white, for example, a picture in a bright setting.

7. Wood - universal converter

Wood smoothes eye-catching combination.

How to combine in the interior of several bright colors? Excessive congestion in the design elements will smooth white color, for example, trim windows and doors. Incidentally, the white color has the same effect.

8. Pillows as color accents

Pillows transform boring interior.

A lot of bright pillows - democratic and affordable way to liven up any room. When such a tired decor, it is easy to clean or replace it with a more discreet.

9. Small bright details

Bright chairs enliven the laconic interior kitchen.

Pillows as a color accent is not appropriate in every room. They may be replaced by bright lights or colored chairs.

10. Mitigating complex textures

Rough texture of bricks appropriate in a bright interior.

By focusing on color combinations, and do not forget about the variety of textures. For example, stone or brick perfectly fit almost any interior, softening bright color combinations in it.

11. The balance of warm and cool colors

Dark Warm is better to combine with bright warm colors.

It is not necessary to combine the warm dark cold light colors. For example, burgundy with gray-blue or pure white.

12. Pastel incompatible with the black

Pastel colors in the interior.

If the primary colors in the interior of selected pastel shades of pink, brown, blue or peach, it is recommended to avoid the presence of black color interior parts.

13. Smooth transitions from one color to another zone

Colours rooms combined with each other.

How to combine colors in the interior of different rooms? It is not necessary to colors in all areas coincide. But we recommend to ensure a smooth color transition between adjacent zones in the house.

When the interior color scheme is defined, it is time to take care of the decoration. For example, to make it their own hands PVC pipes.

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