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Greek style in the interior

Greek style in the interior with its features

Greece a country with a very rich architectural culture, Painting and arts and crafts. Greece architecture dates back to ancient times: the greatness and simplicity are the main aspects of the Greek style, but the simplicity of a kind of twofold-it can be very simple curtains, but expensive and high-quality fabrics. Now many world designers practicing this style.

Basics of Interior in the Greek style: it has its own high ceilings. column. mural and molding, The color palette of natural shades predominantly pastel colors - white, delicate turquoise and olive, lemon, and of course all shades of blue.

bedroom in the style of grecheskos

The Greek style is notable for its restraint andelegance, finishing materials are marble, natural wood, granite, ceramic tile. In this style, often wall decor, interior details and picture on the upholstery has a vertical orientation, which creates the illusion of a high ceiling and increases the space.

columns in the Greek style

Create an atmosphere of antiquity and greatness youhelp column, and in any case not be issued because the wall wallpaper Greek style that does not tolerate is dominated by simple painted bed colored walls. After painting the walls are decorated with their characteristic patterns of Greece, the famous zig-zag pattern, which is called a meander.

greece ornament

Also popular technique of hand-painted colorson certain subjects. This mural will look harmoniously in the living room or bedroom. The ceiling in the Greek interior takes pride of place and almost all the architecture and design work for him.


It is decorated with stucco-stackedplasterboard, suspended ceilings or as it is relevant, but the main thing here is not to overdo everything should be in moderation. The color of the ceiling should be in harmony with the shade of the walls. In the center is placed the chandelier is quite large, which is suspended on chains or with elements patterned forging.

The floors in the Greek style have definedrules, they decorate with mosaic tiles meander patterns or marble, carpets are not welcome! In our climate, for an alternative, you can take other types of flooring, laminate flooring can be combined with the tile is entirely appropriate.

walls and furniture in the Greek style

ceiling in the Greek style


greece chandelier



Furniture in the Greek style is quite simple with natural wood, with laconic forms. But most importantly, do not overload the space in the room to be spacious.
The décor are large floor vases, various figurines made of marble or bronze sculpture, antique mirror frames, amphora.


Features of the Greek style in the interior furniture

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