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Gray psychology and value

Gray psychology carries special significance. It is the result of mixing classic colors - black and white. Incidentally, this color can be seen even by people who suffer from color blindness. If you look over the surrounding countryside, you can come to the conclusion that it is not very rich in this color. Light gray - it is sea foam, fog, pearls, Venetian marble.


It can be concluded that a neutral graycharacteristics and does not cause people too violent emotions. However, this is not bad. After all, not all people are ready for days to pose as clowns and provide sharp jokes, like hotcakes. Some people just need peace and tranquility, which, incidentally, bears seryy.Kstati many confer wisdom and a certain stability. Indeed, in comparison with black and white colors that represent the good and evil - it is very neutral. In color therapy this color is quite popular and is it in order to get the effect of peace, and he also helps to maximize relaxation and sound sleep.


Gray in the interior

Gray very fond of modern designers,who saw it as a huge potential. Of course, it is necessary to make a reservation, that we have in mind all the same bright colors, such as blue-purple, blue-gray, gray-brown. Dark gray - almost never used because of its darkness and excessive neutrality.


This color is very functional - it is capable ofvisually expand the boundaries of space and significantly increase the space. This option is ideal for small spaces that need to be somehow "stretch". Based on the fact that the gray - a neutral color, it may be fine to use as a base.


Grey can be wall, floor or ceiling,however, you can experiment and choose for your living room furniture gray. However, in this case, the background should be very soft. Gray - this is not the easiest to use color, which can not only be very moody, but also treacherous, so it is best to invite for interior decoration is a specialist.


Only an experienced designer will be able to correctlyaccents, really will pick the right shade and be sure to correctly will combine it with other colors. Of course, the question of a combination with other colors should consider very carefully. The fact that not every color "make friends" with gray. Remember that the white color - suitable for everything and looks great in any interior. It is nice to freshen the interior and bring a bright touch to it. It is advisable not to use the pure white version, but still - off-white or white with a slight touch of yellow. Do not overlook another classic color - black.


Many refuse such combinations beingfirmly confident that will be too grim alternative. But in fact, such an interior looks very noble and very stylish. Grey, by the way, is quite nice blend in with a couple of cool colors such as blue, blue and purple. But against the backdrop of warm and bright colors, such as red, orange and yellow, it will look ridiculous and even a little dirty. It is also worth considering!


Gray is the nobility and elegance of the interior

If you want to get a noble interior, fromwhich and breathes tranquility, then you should turn the look was a gray-purple version of the interior. It is ideal to arrange the bedroom or, for example, the living room. In such a nice interior fit silver items, such as blankets, bedside table or dresser.


Another option - a combination of gray and pink. It looks very gentle and even romantic. Therefore, the ideal premises for such an interior will be teenage girls room or nursery. For fans of "contrast peppercorn" suitable colors like green, yellow, orange. However, they should be in the interior and a bit may be present solely as accents. Bedroom - also a good option for gray. Combine it with green, cream, white and light purple.


I hope you were able to make sure that the graycolor has a lot of potential it can not be called faceless and poor. He will be able to compete on an equal footing with the other colors in the room and create a calm and relaxing atmosphere incredible.

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