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Furniture for small apartments, convertible furniture in the design of small-sized apartments (photo)


It is clear that the interior is compactapartment does not tolerate bulky furniture and useless, the major elements of the decor. Therefore, we offer you a list of ergonomic furniture that will make even the small apartment cozy and functional.

Bedroom furniture

Furniture for a bedroom area, even if that areatwo, may not include traditional, wide bed. But unconventional - can! Thus, you may prefer a bed-transformer, which during the day serves as a sofa for the living room area, or buy a bed on the second floor, which allows you to use the space under it.


The living area, in this case, canLocated directly under the sleeping area. Here it is an opportunity to put a small sofa for guests, or (even easier) to arrange a couple chairs, bags, which will not only save space, but are distinguished by their practicality - you can always move them, if necessary.


However, planning for the living room, you need to make it quickly and without problems you can do the cleaning, on their own or with the help of a cleaning company, not moving at the same time all the furniture.


Work zone

Working area traditionally includescomfortable desk and chair. But the interior of the small apartment can not always afford such a luxury. But if you are among those who have to work at home, then it becomes a necessity. Therefore, as a table, can be equipped with window sill and make a comfortable office chair ottoman, which will take up much less space.


Book lovers can complain that the designsmall apartment makes them get rid of favorite books - simply nowhere to store. But, actually, it is not necessary. You can plan the interior so as to put him in a rack for books. It is not only arranged along the wall and perpendicular to it. Then, the rack will not only perform its original purpose, and another, and serve as a divider between the room areas. But here, let me give you a little advice: give preference to an open model, without the back and side walls. This will make your interior more air.


A full, large closet and interiorsmall apartment - things almost incompatible. Therefore, you have several alternatives. The first - to equip in the pantry is a real wardrobe. The second - to give preference to a roomy dresser. Well, and the third - to make a small, corner wardrobe with mirrored doors. This option is suitable far not all, because it is the most expensive of the above. But, this way you will save space on a large mirror and visually expand the space of the room.

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