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Ergonomic ideas: Learning to save space

Why is such a popularergonomic ideas? There are several reasons, and it's not just the lack of space, which is different interior small apartment. For example, studio apartment is a few times a day to change its purpose - it can be a bedroom, study, living room, dining room and bedroom again. But for this you will need furniture that with little effort can dramatically transformed.

Ergonomic ideas: Learning to save space. Ergonomic furniture in the interior of the house

Interior small apartment varies considerably by using folding furniture.

For example, a table, screwed to the wall, hardlyIt takes place in the folded state. But if only the fold and fasten bright folding chairs, you can arrange the room a wonderful mini-dining room. Just reorganize the room and a bed built into the wall - one has only to pull the handles and bed will be ready for use.

Multifunctional furniture

There are many pieces of furniture thatThey seem to be non-functional, but can perform a lot of functions. For example, if you provide a regular ottoman rented a horse, he can turn into a cabinet for clothes. And if you put a soft seat flat wooden surface, the ottoman can impersonate neat coffee table. Or, for example, timely assistance in the choice of cabinet, will help you choose an ergonomic wardrobe that can hide itself in a home office and a computer.

And a little more about the tables. Interior small apartment can be transformed, if you install the countertop is not the usual legs and a small bedside table with several drawers - for different things or newspapers.



A great way to meet guests fully prepared -get cozy armchairs that can become a few minutes in bed. Another option, which fits perfectly into the interior of a small-sized apartments - inflatable furniture. Such items can become a viable alternative to an uncomfortable cot. All you need - is a pump, through which you can in a few minutes to beat any room.


Ergonomic solutions for baby

Children's room - a room in which the freespace is vital to the younger body. Even if you and love will make the room necessary things, the child will be uncomfortable, because for gaming and knowledge of the world he has to place. What helps the parents in this situation? Ergonomic furniture, a vivid example of which is a bunk bed.

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However, it can still turn into a sports complex, if its complement swings, rings or slide.

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