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Walk-in closet in the apartment instead of cabinets!

Many residents of city apartments, which are dreaminga dressing room, consider that in a small apartment is not possible. They say, and do not turn around, but if you have to allocate half of the room to the dressing room, then absolutely no room left.

Walk-in closet in the apartment instead of cabinets! photo wardrobe

Partly they are right: many city apartments are designed so poorly that they are closely, even if the area is quite large. But, on the other hand, if you find the area occupied by all the cabinets, chests of drawers and boxes in your home, you will realize that this is just a small walk-in closet ...

How to make a dressing room in the apartment

Ideally, under the dressing room should beplan before you entered the apartment and even to repair. Experienced private interior designer can help you and arrange a dressing room in the optimal place and organize the space inside optimally. The main requirements are in this case are:

dressing should be sufficient space to accommodate all that you plan to store it;

access to the dressing room should not overlap doors or other furniture;

optimal design of internal shelves corresponding to the number and nature of things that you will be here to keep.


It may seem that the dressing roomthe apartment is no different from the storage area, but it is not so. In addition, in the dressing room that things are more optimally organized, available, dressing room, you can change clothes, put himself in order.


Of course, not every resident of the small-sizecity ​​apartment will be decided to allocate more space for dressing rooms, but given that you will be able to sell or throw away all the other cases in which clothing store, footwear, accessories and other stuff, the rest area you will be able to use more efficiently.

Features of creation dressing room

Since the dressing room is created primarily for storing shoes and clothes, create a storage system that stuff

it was easy to get;

not hesitated, not gathering dust.

As things inside the dressing room will be kepton open shelves and hangers, you need to make sure that the door to the dressing room did not let the dust. For small things, you can provide lightweight and compact drawers, which is easy to find the right accessory.


If your interior of your apartment and the arealead to the dressing room is large enough, a good solution would be to place it in a mirror in which you can see yourself in full view. In addition, you can add one more mirror - on the contrary, then you will be able to see themselves from all sides simultaneously, which is very convenient.

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