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Design project of apartments in the style of Loft white

Design project of apartments in the style of White Loft detailed description.

More and more people today prefer the styleLoft for registration of your own apartment. This style is considered to be a modern innovation, despite the fact that its roots far back in time, to America's sorokovyhh. Then the changes began to occur in the industrial environment of the country, which contributed to the movement of firms away from the cities. So, it turned out that many warehouses, factory, manufactory and workshop premises remained empty. It was then that they began to be converted into living quarters. So a new trend not only in the layout of the apartment, but also in style. Loft translated from English (loft) indicates the attic, and in this case, the apartment upstairs. These apartments mostly occupied by creative individuals, who's not only lived, but worked, arranged all sorts of exhibitions, and so on, respectively, they do not burden themselves with, for example, partitions, trying to save as much space as possible. For creative professionals they needed quite a lot of fresh air and sunlight, and the complete absence of a minimum of bulky furniture decor. From there, the style loft povzaimstvaoval own mainstream - no partitions, the maximum free space, and fresh air. But this is not the only feature of this style. So it is now a loft - it is also the combination of shabby interior parts (brick walls, naked ventilation system, factory tools, pipes) with newfangled technology, accessories, modern materials, and so on. This happened due to the fact that at the time when such premises only became habitable, very few people liked the first, on the basis of this, as mentioned above, they were occupied by mostly people of creative professions. But then these apartments turned their attention, and rent them very much increased, and afford these apartments have the opportunity to just be nice wealthy people: bankers, politicians, businessmen. And they who have brought in a loft style attributes dear life.

White loft apartment

So, we can say with full confidence thatLoft style looks like a little minimalist, but there is not its severity, on the contrary, everything breathes warmth and comfort seem homely and welcoming. With regard to color experts recommend that adhere to the cool colors that are characteristic of the later transfigured factories and warehouses. But the most interesting for the color of this style is considered to be a neutral white tone. It makes the room more spacious, fresh, border walls along with it like as if lubricated, combining all the terms of a single element of freedom.

The feeling of freshness and spaciousness
Plenty of room in white

White Living in a loft

Living room - this is the heart of every apartment or house andeven more so in a loft style. This is the largest room. Self-evident that there will be no bulky enclosures and baffles. Zoning is performed using only light color and furniture. And an important place in this room holds a sofa. It must not touch the walls, the most correct its location - in the center of the room. Some had already built the rest of the interior - small tables, coffee tables, chairs or stools, and without sweat.

The interior in the style of a white loft

Ignoring the fact that we create whiteloft furniture is better to choose any shade cool palette to the interior did not look a whole white spot. Of course, will not prevent a little catchy reprimands, which will make the situation more fun and a little more joyful.

The accents in bright colors Bright accessories

Since loft style suggests a free and spacious rooms, the combination of a living room with kitchen is fully reasonable, besides quite comfortable.

Comfort and convenience combine spaces.

This kitchen has a closed look, here, in contrast tothe living room area there is no open shelves. The main rule - is comfort, functionality and simplicity. In addition, the severity of design combined with the latest developments and modern home appliances.

Modern kitchen in the loft

In addition, the room can be designed to highlight also a dining area.

You can cook to eat and chat with guests or family, which is convenient to stay in the living room or to eat and watch TV.

Dinner Zone

But the most important thing - the feeling of aspace, where there are no closed rooms, cramped rooms, and where it is impossible to turn around. Indeed, in our time, not everyone can afford a house, where there is a spacious kitchen, living room, let alone the separate dining room and we are not talking.

Dining and kitchen areas look great inthe white version. Of course, nothing prevents to add some more color, not bright, it is here, as it were out of place. More suitable matte black. These colors complement the green plants successfully.

Color kitchen and dining area ensemble

But the intersection of spaces, finished a not yet, as it houses the work area with a desk, computer, chair, shelves for papers, etc.

Work zone

To some this may seem like a very unfortunateoption, as is much more convenient to work in a separate room, where no one is hurt. But for all tastes and preferences, some, maybe even more prefer to sit at the computer for television, dealing with guests or family.

The working area in the living room

Racks and shelves are also openan integral part of the loft style. A book entirely occupying a vertical open shelf, in addition to direct administration may be also part of the decor - it looks unique and beautiful.

Book shelves

So, the whole room is sustained in the same style,separated by only a few visual effects of zoning. White color creates an atmosphere of purity and lightness. And unusual chandelier made and the room itself is very unusual.

Unusual lamps

Another important feature of the living room in the loft are large windows, wooden floors and high ceilings course.

Key attributes of the loft style

White bedroom in the loft

Significant place in the bedroom occupies the bedminimalist look. Ideally, the bed can be equipped with a pull-out boxes for clothes or bed linen to not load extra space cabinets or tables. Other furniture should not be large, a pair of small chairs, small table and bedside table. Wardrobe preferably embedded in the wall do. Mirrors help to achieve visual increasing the space and increase the feeling of spaciousness.

White bedroom in the loft Interior features loft-style bedroom

Windows and large sizes. Instead of chandeliers can be used unusual lamps, it will provide the interior unique.

Unusual lamps

In the event and use the wallpaper image, the nondescript, pale gray shade and some intricate, this is fully consistent with the style loft in white.

Making white bedroom loft-style

This bedroom though looks chilly, but very comfortable, spacious and refreshing.

Bedrooms Charm - Loft

The bathroom in the loft-style white

The toilet and the bathroom is better to make out simply, withoutbeauty, as if it was on any factory or plant, not in the literal sense, of course, but in the same spirit. For the floor in the bathroom tile in white suit and dark tones. White plastered wall easily. Simple shell, without fancy tools, a mirror in the strict implementation. For added variety, you can use green, for example, for a locker.

White toilet in loft

Bath room, shower and more simply, also characterized by some sophistication - can be found on the floor tile monochrome colors,
white and dark. The application of metal and glass accentuate a snap-style loft.

White bathroom in loft

White hallway in loft

Hallway in white loft also hasease, except that the hanger can be extraordinary, for example, in the form of bulk circles. Therefore, it is the first room that we see going into the apartment, there should be fully displayed direction loft style. Flea tables, mirrored or shiny surfaces, and the like. The main thing - it is easy and tasteful, and in addition, without massive pieces of furniture.

Making the hall in the style of a loft Entrance to loft

So white loft in the apartment creates an unimaginable scope, freshness and feeling of Freedom and lightness.

Interior design in the style of a loft

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