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The color scheme for small apartments. The ideas of color combinations for small apartments (photo)

The color scheme for small apartments

Everyone knows that color, anyway,affect the human psyche. Also, using the color, can be transferred mood and character. That is why the interior color scheme is very important in the design of housing for each of us. It should be possible to display the human temperament, as well as harmoniously emphasize the dignity and hide flaws plan.


The palette of colors used in the designpremises, also allows you to "play" with its forms and scales. So, we all know that light colors expand the boundaries, and the dark - constrict. But to make out the interior of a small-sized apartments, relying solely on this principle, quite frankly - hard. We decided to go a little further in the theme colors and are happy to share their findings and bright ideas!


To start, you need to determine for whomcreated design small apartment: for couples, bachelor or a romantic girl. That is very important to match the color used by the character and temperament of the person.


Still it is necessary to take into account that in some stylisticdirection is defined by an interior housing. As some styles, originally meant a certain palette. For example, high-tech interior is completely different from the romantic Shabby-chic entire gamut, from plastic windows and flooring finishing.


Recall also that the experienced designers notrecommend to use more than three colors in the design of the room. Of course, in any rules there are exceptions, but if you do not have certain design skills, it is better not to experiment. As a rule, the basis of a neutral tone and is complemented by two more saturated.


If you want to create a classic,Design-claims small apartment, we recommend you to use soft colors: champagne, eggshell, cream, light coffee, soft terracotta, cream or light gold. These colors bring to the interior comfort and tranquility.


Interior for the energetic and buoyant personIt must be a game of contrasts. Here, according to tradition, it is best to build on either white or light gray and effectively dilute their trivial elements of the saturated colors. It is recommended to use any two primary colors, without halftones. That is pure red, yellow, green, blue, orange or purple.


Display romantic nature can be using fresh, soft and mysterious tones. The main can be done by the classic, white, cream, sand tone.


Also pearl fit perfectly. As for the other colors, here we have access to all the colors of the rainbow, but only in a subdued form: pale turquoise, pale blue, light mint, dull shades of pink, lime, green, lavender or lilac.


Design of small-sized apartments for the presentMen can be arranged in the traditional spirit, just the opposite - dark at the base and bright colors, as a supplement. It is very appropriate to be all chocolate shades. You can also make a knight's move: to make the main color - gray and attach to it a couple of bright or light colors.


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