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Sliding doors: the pros and cons, the types of constructions

Advantages of sliding door wardrobes are widely advertised,about the cons say less. In any case, various designs of modern storage systems have advantages and disadvantages that need to be well imagined.

Benefits wardrobes

  • Save space. Standard wardrobe with conventional doors must have a place to open these doors - hence, part of the area is transformed into a zone that can not be used. Doors, drop-down in the compartment type, devoid of this shortcoming, so one of the major advantages of this design - save space in the apartment.
  • Large capacity. By storing in the closet coupe used the whole volume allocated for him in all directions (depth, width, height).
  • Versatility. Wardrobe fit with any decor, any design style. It can be installed in the hallway, bedroom, nursery or office.
  • Versatility. The cabinet type coupe can store anything you want - from clothes and books, and ending with household appliances.
  • Any internal filling. You can organize the content of the cabinet of his own choice, only you specify - as it will be the shelves, how many - crates, how many - bars for hangers, and the places where they are located. It is possible to provide separation for household appliances, ironing boards, and even build in a small closet workplace.
  • Suitable for narrow spaces. One advantage of wardrobes - the ability to build them even in very narrow places in an apartment. Sliding doors are not "eat" space.
  • Zoning. With this cabinet can share a room or studio type apartment into functional zones. It is easy to create the illusion of space isolation - for example, one pushes the door can become a passage in a different zone. This saves floor space - in fact, instead of the walls in the room will be a piece of furniture.
  • Designed to suit all tastes. Unlike ready-made cabinets, closet design, you can choose your own, and bring it closer to the style of most of the interior of your apartment. The obvious advantages of the wardrobes need to include also the possibility of using various colors and textures of materials for the processing of their facades. This able to fit into any environment.
  • The mirror surface. Will help to make the room wider than the narrow, short - long, give volume and to increase the lighting in places where light is insufficient. Also, do not have to buy separately, "Rostov" the mirror to be able to inspect yourself in a full-length.
  • Reliability. compartment cabinet door will never become loose and not "fall off", taking care of them is very simple - to check from time to time the condition of wheels, by which they move on the runners, and in a timely manner to carry out cleaning skids from dust and dirt.
  • Savings on material. Wardrobes have a distinct advantage, because such a design there are no walls, ceiling and floor, and this means not only an increase in its area, but also savings on the material.
  • Wide price range. When considering the pros and cons of cabinet compartment can not ignore the question of the cost of the product. Are the closets are not more expensive than usual, but they have before them a lot of advantages.

closet in the interior

Sliding doors cabinet design

Wardrobe, having a body, different from the classic design of the cabinet door opening mechanism. It is exactly the same as usual, a ceiling, floor, rear and side walls.

Pros. The main plus of furniture is that it can easily be moved to any location that you may need in case of repair or change the interior. This cabinet can even be transported to another apartment, without distinction, even though it may lead to a weakening of the structure, but does not constitute a special problem to dismantle it and build a new place. Advantages cabinets compartment body structure basically the same as that of the embedded option.

Minuses. Among the minuses can be noted a significantly lower volume for the same place and occupied a greater consumption of materials for manufacturing, which entails a price increase. In addition to the volume of the walls, ceiling and floor, which would have to be subtracted from the total, corps wardrobe "steal" as a few centimeters, for which he is moving away from the wall.

wardrobe cabinet design

Closets embedded design

Built-in closets occupy the place that theyallocated entirely, and use it as efficiently as possible. Actually cabinet occupies only the space required to install the sliding door mechanism.

Pros. The advantages of this design include full use of the allotted space. Moreover, the cabinet can be integrated into the same "uncomfortable" flat spot and be of any size. These cabinets can be arranged in any style, and, accordingly, to make an integral part of any interior. They look aesthetically pleasing and does not violate the general harmony.

Minuses. Perhaps the advantages of wardrobes, built-in place, is more than outweighed by the only drawback: they can not move, or move to another room. To simply remove unwanted cabinet, will have to do cosmetic repairs in the room as well as a wall, ceiling and floor in this place will be unattractive.

closet embedded design

Types wardrobes

Sliding doors may have a different shape, and each of them also have their own advantages and disadvantages.


Facades, walking in a straight line - classic interior,which is appropriate in any style. This is the most simple and universal design, which has only one drawback - it is difficult to give an original look. This cabinet looks traditional, and more suited to classic style interior.

types of wardrobes: direct

direct wardrobe


The main advantages of the corner cabinets coupedesign - their ability to fit into a small space, which is difficult to put another piece of furniture, as well as the effective use of the space. They have one drawback - a complex form that requires additional costs in making that more price increases, especially for cabinet options.

types of wardrobes: corner

corner wardrobe


There was this kind of wardrobes recently, but fell in love with consumers. They are characterized by unusual shape that makes the interior of the element of originality and novelty.

As the functionality they practically nothingThey differ from other types of storage systems of this type, and have only one drawback: the higher, compared to them, a price. Higher price due to the fact that the system for opening doors, as well as the doors themselves, have a complex shape, which has to be made each time order.

types of wardrobes: radius

Radius wardrobe

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