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Wardrobe without a wardrobe when you can not afford an entire room

How to store clothes

clothes storage, and convenient storage -urgent problem of many urban fashionistas. Well, when you have a dressing room, you can arrange to your liking! But what if the whole room, you can not afford, and clothing store somehow still need?


In most of these cases occurarrange dressing right in the bedroom. But keep all things in the closet sometimes awkward, so help lovers clothes come U-shaped hangers "in fitting rooms," where clothes hanging without any wardrobe.


These hangers are on the legs or wheels, andvery stylish look to the interior of a bedroom. In addition to these, you can use the metal grill to store jewelry, belts and accessories, boxes with lids for various trifles.


If your clothes hanger will be fixed and not move from place to place (if it is on wheels), and above it is possible to make a shelf, which is convenient to put the spirits to put her hat.


Next to the rack set in a large mirrorfull-length, to see his image as a whole. Try to make sure that, when you look at yourself in the mirror, you are well-lit daylight from the window.




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