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Choose a sofa bed in the small apartment

Choose a sofa bed in the small apartment

Proper ergonomics of the space playsa primary role in the issue of resettlement of any property. It determines the degree of comfort of operation of a room. Of course, the design of furniture and other interior elements are also important, but if the room is cluttered with even a very beautiful furnishings, the situation can not be called successful.


Particularly acute is the issue of ergonomics insmall apartments, where literally every square meter counts. It is best helps transforms furniture, particularly bed-sofa. With the help of this technological marvel, it is possible with a single motion to turn the living room into the bedroom and vice versa.


However, by studying the catalogs of furniture firms cannote that bed-sofas are distinct not only in design and cost, but also more important, but inconspicuous at first sight characteristics. Here we have in mind the type of mechanism, and filling of mattresses, and even upholstery material. Therefore, choose the sofa-bed is not as easy as it might initially seem.


To start, choosing a sofa-bed, should bedetermine how much will be used frequently assembly and disassembly mechanism couch. If, for example, you will often use this piece of furniture as a sofa, displaying it only on the occasion of arrival with an overnight stay, you can stay on the models of the medium price segment. For those who intend to put on a daily basis, a sofa, it is recommended to prefer a more durable, and therefore expensive models, whose mechanism is made of strong and durable metal.


With regard to the mattress, and here the buyersofa bed facing a difficult choice: box spring or mattress. In the first case, it is possible to buy a mattress with traditional springs or metal mesh. According to experts, the second option is preferable, since it is not only more durable, but also safe to use.


Sofa-bed with orthopedic mattress - itconcern not only about the correct use of room space, but also about their own health. The benefits of mattresses has been said enough to convince even the most skeptical of the buyer. We add only that the mattresses are much longer than the spring counterparts, and do not lose their original appearance, ie, not pressed through.


Modern manufacturers, we can say pettheir potential customers, producing a sofa bed for the various modifications. Thus, you can buy a round model with orthopedic mattress, or, for example, a large model of the mechanism of "dolphin" - it all depends on your individual requirements.


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