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Place for guests, if you do not have a guest room

says a popular - "In close quarters, but not mad"wisdom, and many of us know that it's true when it comes to small-size urban apartment. Young family of two people can comfortably enough to equip a small apartment. Difficulties arise when guests arrive ...

Place for guests, if you do not have a guest room. Where to accommodate guests, a guest room photo

Rooms for guests in the apartments, as a rule, do notIt assumed, so visitors have to be placed according to the situation. We offer some ideas on how and where to place guests in a small apartment.

Inflatable Furniture for visitors

Truly a great invention of the modernDesign - inflatable beds. As they folded up very little space, require no maintenance and are stored safely in the closet. And when you need to accommodate guests, you simply remove an airbed and pump - and now ready to bed for a couple of people. Of course, this design will require free space, but in extreme cases a bed for the night can be supplied even in the kitchen or the hall, and on day remove again.

inflatable furniture

Inflatable beds - almost ideal when you need to accommodate guests. When used correctly, this furniture is very long and you will gain a lot of time.

Clamshell for guests

Standard Soviet version - cot onwhich can accommodate guests. Just say, the option is not ideal: firstly, on a cot placed only one person (ie, for a small family, which came to you, they should be 2-3), and secondly, clamshell takes a lot of space.


However, this option offers accommodation has the right to exist. Single cot can be installed even in a small kitchen, so that problems with the place you will not have.

The sofa in the living room

Folding sofa or chair allow postIt offers practically no problem. However, if you are going to choose furniture for the living room with the possibility of its unfolding, it substantially limits your choice of design. On the other hand, if the sofa converts into a double bed, this will save you from the problems with the placement of the guests forever.


Of course, we considered only the options whenyou need to place your guests at home. Of course, if you can lift for your visitors in a hotel room or apartment, accommodation problems disappear by themselves. But if you plan your stay exactly you hope our article will help you with a choice of solutions.

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