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Photo Design on ceramic tiles

The rapid development of modern technologyusing digital printing is not spared and finishing materials. Today one of the most popular types of this type of technology is already photoceramics, which has called fotodekolem or photo tiles. Depending on the nature of its manufacturing techniques of photo tiles are divided into two types:

1 sublimated;
2 dekolirovannaya:


Features photo tiles - decal

This tile is made by a special method, referred to as the decal, and is considered to be a premium product.

features and advantages

1, high strength (not afraid of mechanical influences);
2 resistance to aggressive chemical environments;
3 resistance to fading;
4 low degree of abrasion;
5, rich color;
6 frost.

photo tiles decal used mainly when the outside decorationbathrooms, kitchens, swimming pools, different types of rooms, decorating restaurants. Sometimes the floor laid. Fashion trend among designers today is the creation of photo tiles with panels above the base of the fireplace. A distinctive feature of this technology is the composition of a special dye, which is composed of both inorganic and organic components. Tiles of this type is carried out manually, passing about six production stages. For the manufacture of, for example, a medium-sized panels will take about 7-14 days (regardless of order complexity).


Features photo tiles - sublimation method

This type of tile fotodekoriruyuschey slightly inferior in quality tiles made by decal.


1 Resistance to chemicals
2 great richness of colors image
3 Low Cost


Features of photo tiles

Under normal household conditions photo tiles can beused in places where it is advisable to use the usual ceramic tile. But it is quite presentable appearance, and the ability to play any image make this material is almost universal for all surfaces.


For example, any of the known can paintingsreproduce using digital printing and easy to arrange at home. Sometimes it's pictures of certain places with a certain texture. can be placed, and your photo, if desired. One of the most sought-after application is considered to be the architectural masterpieces of pictures on the tiles.


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