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Bright Christmas decoration: how to decorate the house for New Year

Christmas holidays are getting closer, so it's time to think about how to emphasize the fabulous and mysterious atmosphere on the last night of the year.

2017 - the year of the Fire Rooster, soexperts advise how to create a more vivid and memorable New Year's interior in 2017, do not skimp on small details and accessories and try to realize the maximum innovative ideas in the design.

If earlier the main central linkNew Year's decoration was considered a tree, but now execute correctly in an appropriate style rooms each zone, so we picked up a few ideas to help you create a stylish and vivid style, without causing inconsistencies in the design.

See photos, how to decorate the house for the New Year 2017 with his own hands - and start training.

We decorate and decorate the house for Christmas and New Year

In the New Year's interior a variety of colors allowed, shapes, textures, design themes.

But in order to make your room look harmonious, should pay attention to some of the rules of decorating the house for the New Year 2017:

Emphasize the festive atmosphere in the interiorwith accessories Glitter, glossy shimmering, mirrored texture, bright colors and thematic patterns on the theme of winter and the New Year. We do not recommend you to use a large number of shades although the host 2017 and loves all bright and shiny, gaudy decoration of the interior is not allowed.


Fearing an imbalance in shades of manyThey prefer to make out the interior of the New Year in one color. The best is the presence of two or three colors in the design: so your room will not look boring, but will not cause conflicts in connection with the presence of many shades.


Christmas tree and other parts of the interior in 2017better to make out with the help of large balls and toys: small size jewelery suitable only if you plan to put small Christmas trees or wreaths to create walls and doors.

fire rooster symbol requires brightNew Year lights in the interior, so do not forget the garlands and candles. A great addition to the New Year's decoration will be a fireplace, decorated in accordance with the specified style.


On the New Year's holidays will be valued morehandmade accessories, so take the time to create the cute toys and ornaments with his family. They can be used as an element of festive decoration or as gifts for guests on New Year's night.

Do not forget about the main colors in 2017: This time the dominant design in the New Year should be a red, orange, green, yellow and blue tones. Red make a major - and proceed from planning features, size of the room, its lighting and subtleties festive decor.

In 2017, not do without the symbol itself: let the toys in the form of males and females decorate your Christmas tree or individual shelves, and there are themed drawings on napkins, candles, tablecloths.


Using the decoration of nuts and fruit. They can engage in the creation of many interesting decorative elements: garlands, toys, wreaths, topiary, candles, holiday songs on the table.

It may be that exciting home decorating ideas for the New Year will be born already in the process of decorating the room.

How to decorate a Christmas tree for Christmas and New Year

Whatever ideas for New Year's interior in 2017you do not become a reality, starting New Year's decoration of the room must be a main symbol of the holiday - the Christmas tree. How to decorate a Christmas tree in 2017?

Decide on the colors to be used in the design: it is desirable that colors included tree and bright, and bright colors that will balance each other.

A good combination is considered to be red and white, golden, yellow, green tint.


Christmas tree 2017 in the year of the Fire RoosterIt should be bright, but brightness must be implemented not only in diverse shades, but also in the various forms of jewelry. So think through the combination of features of toys and other accessories: fur-tree can be placed on the balls of felt toys, candy, snowflakes, garlands, rain, and other decorations.


Council: home decoration for the New Year with their hands can make improvised: for example, as an accessory for Christmas trees fit postcards, coins, cookies, ribbons, homemade toys made of cardboard, plastic, thread and other materials.

A good design is considered to be in compliance with the Christmas treesmooth transitions between the forms and shades: large toys colorful flowers hang down - and gradually decrease in size and become a lighter tone.

What else can be hung on a Christmas tree? To find an interesting decoration of the Christmas tree in 2017 is simple: it can be bumps, repainted in a different color or decorated with artificial snow, artefacts made of papier-mache, homemade angels feather and even ordinary bows and ribbons, chosen in accordance with the other shades, present in the decor.

Since the tree - not only design element,you want to decorate the New Year's Eve, leave some toys and accessories for other areas of the room. Repeating the subtleties of the design, you can ensure harmony holiday interior.

How to decorate a table for Christmas and New Year

Interior Decoration for New Year and suggests festive tableware. Be prepared dishes: plates allowed to use bright colors (red, green, orange, etc.).

If you decide to use a standard disheswhite - make a festive table for the new year 2017 more vivid by beautiful festive tablecloth. It can be self-colored or include themed designs and drawings.

To add a festive table decor helpnapkins: Paper napkins with interesting design is easy to find, but the textile better options underline the comfort of home. In addition, for such wipes can come up with interesting holders with toys snowmen, bells, Christmas balls, ribbons and other decorations.


Glasses and glasses can be issued on a listglass, thematic drawings, threads and ribbons. Additional decoration to your table and serve a festive dinner, decorated in the Christmas theme.

Festive table decorated with lots of accessories.

The naturalness and originality can be servingemphasize using spruce branches: place them in the center of the table, leaving the original form or in a wreath connecting or stand to place the candle. The branches are decorated with small balls, ribbons, cones, tangerines, necklaces and other accessories.


Tip: put a few sprigs in a clear vase and painted in gold or silver hue, you can create a stylish New Year's composition, replacing the flowers.

Often in the New Year's table is placed the candle. If the security question you do not stop - Prepare a few candles with original festive decor. They can decorate their own hands: glue beads or beads covered with ribbons, cut patterns and figures on the surface, pasted pictures in the winter and New Year's theme, repainted in bright colors.


How to make a beautiful Christmas decor

To create a holistic and New YearChristmas decor is better to use all the space. On windowsills, bookshelves, a fireplace, tables and other surfaces place the wreaths, the composition of fir branches, dried berries, decorated bottles, figurines in the form of snowmen and other characters of the New Year.

Along the walls you can hang lanterns orhomemade garlands made of paper or cardboard fruit, candy, felt or another fabric (small toys), plastics and other materials. On the chandelier or the back of a chair, you can create an elegant décor rain or tinsel.


Chairs decor can be created using a tissue: posheyte color covers corresponding to the color of the tablecloth, decorate with ribbons, beads, or beads, sew themed labels or make pockets for gifts.

You can make more sophisticated décor - chairs and decorate tassels or fringe of threads.

Special attention is required window decoration. In addition to decorating the window sill, which involves the use of a wide variety of toys and accessories, consider the design features of the glass itself.

Using artificial snow or paintmake an imitation of patterns of frost or draw houses, reindeer, snowmen, and other Christmas figures. On the glass can paste snowflakes or other pieces of paper, as well as create a small curtain of garlands, lanterns, fine jewelry.

Tip: create a glass wall or an original collage, photos pasted the whole family made in the past year.


The doors are made out of Christmas wreathsfir branches, cones, Christmas balls, small toys, tangerines, buttons, candy and other decorations. To create a harmonious design make several similar style wreaths - and is not only used to decorate the doors, but also for the decoration of the table and other surfaces.

If you live in an apartment - take care of that and the outer side of the door looked suitable.

Let the festive decor felt immediately at the entrance to your site, then you can configure the guest to celebrate the New Year.

If you live in a private home - to the decoration of the facade of the building and the doors have to be more responsible approach.

Decorate the front of the house for the New Year

Christmas decoration facade of the house canperformed by different devices. The most common version of the decor - it's bright flashlights or electric garlands. Decorating the house with garlands on the New Year festive atmosphere will support even outside the room in which you plan to celebrate this day.


Tip: have since purchased a garland great lengths to design a large area - choose options with LED flashlights that will save energy.

Garlands optionally stored tightly around the facade. You can create a New Year's composition on one of the free walls: make public line, to draw Santa Claus with reindeer or snowman.


Some models suggest garlands programmable switching process lanterns, so even on a solid surface LED you can "turn on" the desired pattern.

If next to your house grow Christmas trees - notforget about their decoration. Decor trees located on the street may not be so bright and saturated, both inside the house, but the festive elements must be present. A large figure of Santa Claus, reindeer and other Christmas characters emphasize the design theme.


Tip: Decorate each area of ​​your room to a holiday was felt everywhere, no matter where you are. And then the solemn atmosphere will be present in your home all the New Year's Eve.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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