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The black floor interior

Dark floors - the most familiar version of the designliving spaces. Typically, floorings choose shades of brown. And it is very rare to find a black floor in the design of the apartment, but in terms of the artists, this color creates a clear contours in space, and how to support the entire composition, speaking of the interior base.

black floor in the bedroom design

Black floor in the interior provides an opportunity notclutter the apartment furniture - the room and it will look like filled, saturated, there will be the feeling of emptiness. In addition, this field can be the basis for the design of all apartments, which in this case can be very original.

Black floor in the dining room interior

black floor in the bedroom design

Design with a black floor in terms of psychologyvery comfortable for a person, as produces a sense of strength and reliability. This base enables the use of a variety of contrasting elements in the design of the apartment, allowing expressiveness and brightness.

black floor in the bedroom design

Black floor in an interior bathroom

Black floor in the interior is typically reduces visualand the height of the room and its volume. In addition, many fear that the whole room will look bleak. In fact, this is easily avoided if reasonable approach to the choice of other colors and shades. If you do it correctly, so the interior can look really luxurious.

The black floor in the kitchen interior

black floor in the living room design

The main plus of the subfloor in design - spectacular"Supply" of furniture, standing on it. And luxury sofa, coffee table and a simple and ordinary desk chair look at this background is very advantageous. Especially when light colors are used in the base or in its furniture finishing. Very well looked red, yellow, white color and light pastel shades.

black floor in kitchen design


Even there are spots on the sun, not to mention thedesign solutions - in any of them have their drawbacks. There they are in use in the interior of the subfloor. An already written, visually reduce the size of such floors premises. In order to neutralize this effect, it is necessary to use bright colors in the design of walls and ceilings, as well as increasing the height of graphic techniques such as vertical stripes of contrasting colors in decorating the walls.

black floor in the interior of a bedroom

The second drawback - soiled. Any abrasions immediately catch the eye. With such floors must be very careful to handle. If you really want to use a subfloor in the design of the apartment, but for the accuracy of its inhabitants can not be charged, it is possible to take the floor covering with a texture, such as stains or streaks. On such defects are not much to stand out.

black floor in bathroom design

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