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The black color in the interior


Black and aristocratic luxury in your home

Black ancient times was a symbol of aristocracy andluxury. This incredibly strong color, but it is a long time in a dark room under the force is not for everyone, because the satiety they can lead to depression and poor health. Therefore, you should be extremely careful when using a black color in the interior.
It all started with accessories presented several years ago trendsetters - the French, who have made of black crystal vase.


The baton was picked up Italians, using blackin the manufacture of chandeliers of Murano glass. Finally, the designers finally emboldened by introducing black everywhere, plumbing, utensils, furniture, floors, walls began to "blacken" very rapidly.
First and foremost, it should be mentioned thatBlack, along with white and gray, is not achromatic spectral color. What does this mean? It's very simple: the color can be harmoniously combined perfectly with all other colors. And it allows you to create the most incredible interiors, not burdened with reflections on a combination of different shades. This black need to learn how to use, especially when dealing with interior living spaces.
Also worth noting is that the black differs unsurpassed graphic quality.


That is, it can be used not only inas the background color, but also as a delimiting. If you decide to paint the walls in that color, do not forget that it is perfectly enhances other colors in the interior, creating a gorgeous backdrop on its contrast. In the role of the boundary between the colors it is able to create an elegant edging for other colors and in every way to emphasize them. It is no secret that each color requires careful planning and proper zoning premises.


For the black this axiom is more relevant than for any other.
However, many believe that black wallrelevant only in well-lit with natural light rooms with high ceilings. But this is not so, in fact, provided a harmonious combination with all the other elements of decor black walls, even in small rooms are modern and elegant look.

How to combine black

Black goes well with all colors. However, some unions have already passed the test of time and will look particularly advantageous.
1.Chёrny and gold. Both these colors symbolize wealth, luxury and prestige. And if you use them together, the effect is multiplied many times. Therefore, this combination can fill your home elegant originality.


Believe me, by combining these colors, so even with theusing exclusive materials such as velvet, marble or stucco, you will be able to ensure that the interior of your home will breathe abundance and luxury. Short black-and-gold decor - this pathos, pathos but stylish and refined. This combination is not uncommon diluted gray or beige shades, will come in handy and bright red elements.


2.Chёrny and yellow. This color combination looks very extravagant. This feeling is achieved due to the fact that yellow is the opposite of black: he is warm and light, symbolizes sunshine and joy. That is why next to the yellow and black become less heavy and gloomy. This combination designers often diluted with milk and gray shades.


3.Chёrny and orange. It is a dramatic combination often can be found within the interiors of hi-tech style. Enough even small patches of orange elements in the kitchen furniture or household appliances to the whole composition began to look much more active. This dynamic interior will appeal to people energetic and modern. Rather it is also appropriate to use white.



4.Chёrny and red. In red there is a lot of variety of shades, with a shade darker than the more gloomy impression will produce its combination with black. Therefore, like the interior should be diluted with white or wood color. Thus you will be able to make a cozy room. It is believed that the red and black symbolize sexuality, which makes this combination highly relevant to the design bedrooms.


This color really is the perfect background to draw attention to an important detail. It is this principle and uses designers, when the interior is filled with black.


If you intend to make your home stylish andelegant, then just paint the walls in black, or pick up the wallpaper in this color. In this case it is not necessary to paint the room that color, will make quite a accentual black wall or do a small portion of it. Against this backdrop, colorful furniture shine bright colors.
Dark wooden floor will look nobleand respectable, especially if you cover it with black yacht varnish. Also, designers recommend to pay attention to the varnished parquet or linoleum in black colors. We should not forget that this floor will be visible even the smallest speck of dust, it should definitely think about before using a black color in the interior.


black ceiling has the ability tovisually reduce the height of the room. In most cases, this feature uses small interior designers and even harms the room. However, if your room is narrow, but it is also a high (most often it can be a corridor), here on the other hand, lower the ceiling visually. It is in such moments come to the rescue and black. Special magnificence is able to give the room a black stretch ceiling.


The black color in the interior is not gloomy andgloomy, on the contrary, he is able to fill your home thoughtful luxury. It can be a bright accent, and a magnificent backdrop. However, if your intention is to make the basic black color in its interior, then there should still carefully weigh and consider. At the same time doing everything correctly, you certainly will achieve an incredible effect.

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