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Beige color in the interior of your home


Beige color natural and naturalness

According to psychologists beige color hasinner warmth, positive energy charges, and promotes the formation of spiritual harmony. He - a ghost among the flowers. His few people notice, but it is - everywhere. It appears where on the white drop shadow where light gray mixed with yellow. Wheat fields and sandy beaches, last year's grass and pale shells, color of antiquity and ancient monuments. Man feels himself surrounded by beige very calm.


Beige color in the interior are often callednatural or natural. It is suitable for any rooms not striking and serves as the perfect backdrop for furniture and brightly colored accessories. It goes well with almost any color. It can mute the bright, flashy colors or become the perfect backdrop. Beige is friends with a green and brown. Ideal as an additional color in interior design contrast: green and pink, turquoise and terracotta, gold and purple. For those who like a combination of warm tones of beige suit with peach or pink color, but for those who like bright colors, beige color in the interior will be a good partner for crimson or purple.


Beige color can expand the spacesmall room. And make the room lighter several times. Beige color in the interior creates peace and quiet, because that belongs to a warm and calm tones.
Beige walls can be done in any room: nursery, living room and even the office. Especially popular soft beige bedroom: a backdrop will allow to fully relax and unwind after a day's work. Just do not turn off beige bright colors - better emphasize the calm warm décor.


Beige trim in the kitchen set off the bright kitchenset (green, orange or red). This combination of invigorating and uplifting. Beige floor - the same ideal neutral basis, as well as beige walls: parquet or laminate of ash or birch, tube or limestone tile. In such an interior perfectly fit almost any home furnishings colors.


the basic rules of the combination of colors in the design of your home

1. More bright accents. Add in the interior of the bright notes, for example, painting in bright rims, intricate or unusual table lamp rug with a pattern.
2. Metals such as gold, bronze and copper perfectly combined with beige. Add them in the interior, and they will give him a non-repeated style and personality.


3. Use beige in combination with other neutral shades such as gray, lavender, green tea color. Against the background of beige "dissolved", but at the same time, the interior will become more attractive and textured.
4. Use the patterns and textures. If you want to keep the interior in a very beige color, a good idea would be to use more patterns and textures. For example, you can put on a beautiful sofa cushions decorated with felt, to lead to the lush window Roman shades or choose wallpaper with an interesting and original pattern.


Beige can be not only wallpaper or floor! Beige furniture combines perfectly with both the warm colors in the interior, as well as cold. Bored interior - change the color palette, and the colors beige furniture get along with any bright finish. Beige color rich shades: furniture with a touch of caramel likely to appeal to fans of the sweet life, sandy beige and travelers will appreciate the fans of quiet rest and pistachio beige adherents choose eco-style.



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