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Studio: solution for small apartments. A small studio apartment (photo of the interior)

Studio: solution for small apartments

Interior small apartments are often heavilycomplicated by the additional walls, baffles and so on. All this not only makes the space visually housing even less, but significantly complicates creation of a comfortable and original design rooms.


That is why Europe has long been fond of the so-called studio apartments, full of space and freedom, even if the area is hardly more than 40 square meters.


This design small apartment already caughtand on the post-Soviet expanse, which is still around cell modest post-war high-rise buildings. This is not surprising, because the studio apartment with separate bedroom is not only much more practical, but looks more modern, European-style.


Of course, to create such an apartment canrequire certain alterations, which may include a fairly labor-intensive construction works that require the approval of the local BTI, and so on. But if the desire coincided with the possibilities and the studio apartment is ready to be transformed into comfortable accommodation, we are ready to give you some effective tips on how to create the most harmonious interior compact studio apartments with a separate bedroom.


The main task - do not forget thatstudio apartment, above all, carries the idea of ​​freedom, spaciousness and lightness. Therefore, such an interior small apartment should not be overloaded with all sorts of excesses in the form of shelves, the ever-present abundance of decor and textiles. Here it should be concise, stylish and functional. Maximum - a zoning by means of a light screen, and even better - the allocation of areas with the help of lighting (lamps manufacturers are now able to offer a variety of options of local and directional lighting).


As for stylistic direction,such an interior small apartment can be issued in any of the styles. This may be a classic, and modern, and high-tech, country or even baroque - all depends on your personal preferences. However, foreign designers, experience has shown that the most successful turn interiors studio apartments, decorated in a minimalist contemporary style. This direction is fully reflects the original idea of ​​such a plan.


Since the main room studio apartmentsperforms the function of a living room, dining room and kitchen at the same time, it is important to create the right zoning area. It can be done using the multi-level flow and (or) sex, the use of different colors in the walls and ceilings, or furniture.

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The practicality of such apartments are also largelyIt depends on the technique. Design of small-sized apartments implies a technology that best fits harmoniously into the interior of a large room. However, it should be as functional and not to produce too much noise. Otherwise, for example, the "roaring" washing machine will annoy you when you want to watch your favorite movie in the living area.


It is also very important that the kitchen area wasIt equipped with a good stretch. After all, if the hood is weak, all your furniture is saturated with aromas of yesterday afternoon and today's breakfast. Powerful and stylish hood can free you from this trouble.


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