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The interior room without windows: options, photos

In planning and interior design are very importantimportant natural daylight penetrating into it through windows. However, in almost every apartment and every house has at least one room in which the light from the street does not fall on a very prosaic reason: they do not have windows. It toilets, bathrooms, pantry, walk-in closets.

Design room without windows has its own characteristics. As a rule, I try to create the impression that the light still gets in. This can be achieved in various ways, ranging from the installation of additional lighting fixtures and finishing Cutting through these windows.

The design of the room without a window


The design of the room without a window oftenuse the reception of imitation: in some way give the impression that the room has a window. Psychologists believe that even the painted window has a positive effect on a person's mood, and neglect it not worth taking.

  • Curtains. Availability curtains immediately shows the location of the window. If you hang a curtain of the wall, it would seem that it hides the window. Fan will create a feeling of light breeze blowing through the window. Located behind the curtain lamp enhance the feeling. If put on the wall of the frame moldings will create an overall impression that there is now a window in the room.

The design of the room without a window

  • Pictures. Beautiful landscape of a large size in a solid frame can also serve as a kind of "window on nature." The same effect have landscape wallpapers.

instead of a picture window

  • Panels. Panel made of plastic covering the box, which is mounted lighting, can perform the role of the window trim, if you pick up the appropriate clearance.

false window from plastic panels

  • Mirrors. Raised box of mirrors helps create the impression that the room has a window to the same mirror surface visually enhances a small space.

mirror trim window


The interior room with no windows is easy to fix,cut through one of the walls in the present window. Of course, it will not go out, and will interroom, but it will allow daylight to penetrate the room, albeit to a small extent. These window blinds can be closed if necessary.

window between rooms

Stained Glass

Stained glass can serve not only as decoration but alsoan imitation of the window opening - in this case it is necessary for them to place the light source. Colored reflections will create a festive mood, and negate the negative feeling from the lack of windows in the room. Stained glass can be decorated with a kitchen, hallway, bathroom.

Stained glass window trim


So it called a window that does not open. In the fifties of the last century transom widely used for lighting bathrooms - they are arranged in the walls between the bathroom and the kitchen at a distance of five to ten centimeters from the ceiling.

You can also connect transoms room and corridor. Pripotolochnoe transom location is no accident - it allows you to leave the room isolated, and at the same time to ensure delivery of daylight.

transom design of the room without a window

sliding panel

The design of the room with no windows and other applicable"Tricks" - for example, a sliding panel instead of walls, allowing highlight the bedroom in the dark, and in the light allow sunlight to penetrate into every corner of it.

Sliding doors in a room without windows


The easiest way to create a room in the interiorimpression windowless room that penetrates the light of day - to install fixtures that give the scattered light, so that they could not be seen. For example, it may be a translucent matte ceiling panel, by which the light sources are placed. You can place the lamps in special niches, or even cupboards.


If a lot of indoor cabinets, for example, thiskitchen or wardrobe, in between can be arranged LED Strip - light significantly added to the same will be an additional decorative effect - pieces of furniture will be as if the lighter and airier.

LED backlit cabinet


The design of the room without a window is often usedmirror - they are visually expand the space, give them depth and to reflect light, increase the illumination. If you place a mirror panels for ten to fifteen centimeters below the ceiling, the room will be much lighter.

This method is suitable for the registration of anypremises. Combining mirror with light sources, it is possible to achieve a significant increase in illumination. For example, mirror panels can be reinforced bras - in this case, the light reflected from the mirror, the light will flood the room, reminiscent of the sun.

mirrored wall in the bathroom


The light may be reflected not only by the mirrors, andfrom glossy surfaces, and it can be used in an interior room with no windows. The furniture in this case chosen with glossy facades, making the situation in the elements of shiny metal.


The more white color used in the decorationroom - the brighter it appears. The white color reflects the rays of the entire spectrum, and thus the room is filled with light, even if it is not so much. The ceiling and walls are whitewashed to increase illumination and decorative items enliven the interior.


The use of glass allows itemsat the same time to "dissolve" them in the air and avoid clutter and improve illumination by the light glass surfaces. Moreover, glass tables and chairs are not create obstacles for the light rays and create shaded areas in the room.

LED backlit cabinet

A room with blank walls can be transformed into a bright and cozy, if you follow the advice of designers and not be afraid to experiment.

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