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Advantages of LED lamps

Advantages of LED lamps

Advantages of LED lamps have made them popular worldwide. They are much more advantageous to use than the usual for us to incandescent or fluorescent lamps.

Lighting. Unlike other lighting devices, LED "turned on" at full capacity immediately, without preheating. One of the important advantages of LED lamps - the ability to smoothly control the color and brightness with the remote.

Life time. One of the significant advantages over other LED lamps is that they may not burn out, in principle, as they burn out nothing. Unlike conventional lamps LED life - 25 years!

Security. One of the important advantages of LED lamps - their environmental friendliness. LEDs do not contain harmful substances for man and nature.

Saving. LEDs with the same illumination consume much less electricity than incandescent bulbs.

Voltage. One of the advantages of LED lamps - large operating voltage range, with a lower threshold of 80 and a top - up to 230 volts. Even if the voltage in your home network will fall, they will continue to work, only slightly reducing the brightness. And this is not all the advantages of LED bulbs: they do not require maintenance, start-up equipment, and operating voltage not exceeding 12 V, which eliminates the occurrence of short circuits and fires.

Losses. Incandescent bulbs only part of the energy consumed is converted into light, the rest is released as heat, warming the air. The advantages of LED lighting are also in the fact that the excluded to heating of premises. All they consumed energy is converted to light. With LED lights you can save up to 92% of electricity.

Interference. Fluorescent, previously widespread in offices, for example, offices, clinics, at the very noisy. And there are undeniable advantages of LED lamps - they work quite silently, and can be used where the silence - a prerequisite, for example, in hospitals.

Absence of UV radiation. LEDs do not emit in the UV spectrum, and therefore do not attract insects (unlike other lighting devices).

Normal disposal. The exhaust lamp can just throw it away, but not to recycling.

No mercury. Do not contain mercury, is a toxic substance which belongs to one class of hazard.

The absence of flicker. The advantages of LED lighting are complemented by the lack of flicker, eliminating the visual fatigue.

Contrast. LED lamps are characterized by high contrast, offer better color reproduction and clarity of illuminated objects.

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