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5 compact principles: Solutions for furniture placement in small apartments

All we ever seen the interior, in whichfurniture, as such, is not a lot, and close to impossible. The interior design small apartment the main thing - not the amount of furniture, and how you position it.

5 compact principles: Solutions for furniture placement in small apartments

The compact arrangement of furniture solutions, the options to save space in the apartment, ideas for small apartments - all this you will find in this article.

The principle of the island

As a rule, the furniture can be placed in the apartmentso that space remains in the middle of the room. This is not always the right decision, since in this case the space only creates the illusion of spaciousness in the room, but in fact we are still in the walls where furniture. A good solution would be, if you place the table in the center of the room, as the island, which will be zoned space. At the same time, when the tables are located in the center of the room, they create an interesting composition, based on the center of the room.



The principle of bilateralism

Some items of furniture such as shelving forbooks, shelves, bookcases, may be bilateral. Placing the stack on a boundary between two subject areas in the room, it can be used with one or the other side.

The principle of mobility

Mobile furniture can be considered the one thatcan move independently one an average person without difficulty. That is, it is an easy, small furniture that can be moved to different locations as needed apartments. And if this furniture is also on wheels to move it will be even easier. From this, your interior will benefit, and you'll get a room-transformer, which can be changed to suit your needs in just a minute.


matryoshka principle

Dolls, who are hiding in one another fileda great idea for interior design: furniture, which can be folded into one another - a useful solution for small apartments. For example, coffee tables, small low-less than or stools, which are placed one upon the other, without taking up space.



The principle of multi-storey

A classic example - a bunk bed innursery, which saves space and at the same time looks good enough. The same principle can be applied in other areas: use the space above the bookcases to store things in boxes or baskets, arrange storage under the bed or sofa. Look where you have at home there is an empty space in the vertical direction - and use it!

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