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3D Wall panels in the interior


3D Wall Panels

Technologists and designers do not get tired to let in lightnew products that hit consumers in their appearance and more advanced features. 3d technology is the hallmark of the last century. It significantly changed the picture of the world of cinema, allows you to enjoy the innovations of suspended ceilings and self-leveling floors with this effect. It turns and wall panels.


Advantages of 3D wall panels

1 simple installation, the ability to use on uneven surfaces;
2 resistance to moisture;
3 resistance to abrasion;
4 noise reduction;
5 unusual decorative effect;
6, light weight, easy to carry.

And it is noteworthy that the data from the 3D panelthe effect produced in the range, which allows you to meet the requirements of almost any customer. It is not that a relief pattern on the walls, a new phenomenon. For some time used and textured plaster and paint. But that's the whole poster panel - until the novelty.


From poster panels can be made delimiter space - a partition, or you can use only one wall for decoration, thus, focusing on a particular area of ​​the room.

What are the 3D panel

3D panel has the structure

1 basis as that for the poster panels acts MDF or plywood, or any other similar material;
2 relief layer, which creates a pattern with recesses. As a material to perform the billing can be used gypsum, aluminum, wood and the like;
3 decorative-reinforcing layer. The face of the embossed patterns are treated with several layers of high-quality enamel, PVC film, and sometimes veneer or leather.


Additionally, the relief patterns may beequipped with special effects that mimic the metal, or fluoresce. These panels are astonishingly varied textures, which further expands their scope. You can use a similar poster panels not only for the decoration of the walls and ceiling and even the decoration of furniture or other decorative elements.


When making a poster panels should considerand lighting. The skillful placement of lighting will enhance the effect of 3d. For installation poster panels with textured surface does not require special surface treatment. It can be a wall of brick, wood, concrete or drywall. If the walls have a flat surface, then the poster panels can be attached via adhesive, or special mounting plates and angles. If there is unevenness of the walls, then we can use a metal profile, the application of which will form a small gap between the wall and the panel.


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