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28 shades of gray: the most elegant interiors, built on the contrast of black walls

Examples of drawing rooms with black accent wall.

The interior can be built on a variety ofthings, but one of the most interesting with all that has been and still is the contrast of colors in particular - black. It's about these examples and it will go to a new survey.

1. Black walls dining

Thanks to the bold black walls and elegant furniture, such an interior looks exquisite.

2. Interior of living room in black

Interesting interior room with contrasting colors.

3. The perfect combination of rich colors

Golden detail of the interior against the black looks stunning.

4. Black and white living room

The black wall in combination with white décor looks contrasting and unusual.

5. Non-standard interior room

The black wall as a trendsetter of style.

6. Unusual interior

Dressing in black tones.

7. Black wall in the lounge

Black - does not always mean grim.

8. The dark interior of the bedroom

Black in the bedroom - stylish and noble.

9. Cool interior walls in black

Interesting decision to issue the bedroom by a wall decoration in black.

10. Roof bedroom

Making an attic bedroom with a dark wall - a great solution for decorating.

11. Black and white bedroom

Decorated bedroom in black and white - a classic of the genre.

12. Contrasting interior

A great option decorating the bedroom in the colorful and contrasting black and white tones.

13. Unusual kitchen

The original interior of a modern kitchen with custom black wall.

14. The black and white kitchen

An interesting solution - kitchen decor in black and white color palette.

15. Incredible office interior

Non-standard design of office space with black and gold wall fragments.

16 Modern interior of living room

The original design: a black wall in the room.

17. Contrasts in the interior

And most importantly - no nonsense.

18. The original furnishings in the kitchen

Kitchen in raw black-and-white.

19. Incredible interior room

The perfect solution for the decoration of a large space in the living room.

20. Excellent interior tiny living room

Black-and-white decor of this small living room, allowed to create a home environment.

21. Custom Interior

Impressive: cool example of design of the room for gatherings.

22. The black wall in interior

Using bright accent wall will create unusual interior in black shades.

23. The interior in black

Master bedroom decorated in black - the original interior discovery.

24. Non-standard solution

Dark shades in the interior of the bedroom add subtle glamor.

25. Registration of child

Incredible interior in the nursery is created with the help of tough decisions in the decoration with a dark wall.

26. Original black wall

Interior transformed using a non-standard black wall.

27 Classic genre

There is in this dark interior something British.

28. Living with gold accent

Gold and dark tones for connoisseurs of fine style.

Designers claim, contrary to the opinion of ordinary people, black color in the interior - It is not dark and not boring. Properly placed color accents turn the room in dark colors and a cozy place to relax and meet with friends.

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