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27 original and functional children's bed, looking at who would like to urgently return to childhood

Baby bed with niches.

Bed - without exaggeration, one of the mainbedroom interior elements. This piece of furniture not only provides a healthy sleep, but also makes the interior of the completed room. A special niche occupied by children's beds, which are designed to be more user-friendly system and storage of different things, and cozy nest for the baby, where they will wait only good dreams. In this review, a variety of children's beds, which prompt parents original and effective interior design solutions.

1 Bunk Bed in a bright interior

White bed in a bright interior.

2. The intelligent solution for small spaces

Bed with convenient storage system for preschool

3. Bright three-tiered bed

When the three children, so the bed can be a real boon.

4. A bed with orthopedic mattress and a convenient storage system

Children's for two: look at you like in the mirror.

5. Bed Tent

The bed-tent for the little dreamer.

6. An effective solution for baby

Beds for children of different ages in the same room.

7 Bed for three

Brighter is not the case: the ideal solution for a large family.

8. Comfortable beds with storage underneath systems

Bed with an open storage system - a great way to teach your baby to order.

9. Bed with translucent storage system

Semi-transparent drawers help accurately determine what is in them.

10. Heating-transformer

If the room is a little room sofa transformer would be the best choice.

11. Bed for younger students

And this interior even student feels a business man.

12. The original model dvuhyarustnoy bed

In one room, but so far away from each other.

13. Bed tent for adults

Lovers of travel and the fans of hi-tech is dedicated.

14. Bed-deck

Bed in a maritime style is suitable not only seasoned web sea wolves.

15. Bed for little princesses

In such a bed every girl feel like a princess.


Bed, which will take the baby to a real fairy tale.

17. A bed in country style

Bed for those who want to move to a city apartment spirit of freedom.

18. Bed for those who dream of flying

And be sure to put it on the nightstand volume of Antoine de Saint-Exupery.

19. The bed of this cave

The ideal solution for those who live under the motto "my room - my cave."

20. Is That bed, or a birdhouse

The perfect solution for fans of minimalism.

21. Bed for this pirate

21. Comfortable bed and nightstand drawer instead.

22. The bed near the window from the top of the storage system

Environmentally friendly solution for the modern bedroom.

23. Bed for kids who are not willing to part with toys

Toys will sleep with your child in the literal sense.

24. The bed for the captain

The bed with the lower storage system perfectly fit the interior of the sea.

25 beds on the upper tier of the room

This bed once and not notice it.

26. When the bed - the whole world

The bed, the original storage system, a sports area - all in one bottle.

27. Classic pure water

Bunk beds that fit perfectly in a classic interior.

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