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20 square meters. m to a comfortable life: a beautiful interior small apartment

20 square meters. m to a comfortable life: a beautiful interior small apartment

How many square meters is required forfull, comfortable and beautiful space, referred to as "housing"? Literally every day there is a lot of new articles on how difficult, but it is really stylish and comfortably equipped with a modest kitchen, 10 meters. But what scale of the problem reaches the interior decoration, if the whole apartment is no more than 20-25 of the squares?


There are ready-made solution

This is not science fiction apartments that were onceonly rooms in the huge, pre-war apartment, which are then disconnected and turned into a single piece of real estate. This is the reality for any country, even the most developed, because, as it turned out, even in Sweden, you can buy a really modest apartment, where the 20-square meters have to live, and the bedroom, and the kitchen and living room and dining room and even the bathroom. ...


And, despite all the seemingly unrealistic task, experienced designers can find a way out even from such a difficult situation.


The clearest example of this - the French architecturalOffice Betillon / Dorval-Bory, whose designers design the interior of a small-sized apartments, 20 square meters. This project gave amazing results, and was estimated at 33 thousand euros. And, in fact, as they say, "casket just opened ..." - only include spatial thinking enough.

Two-level space utilization

Since we took as an example of the interiorFrench compact apartments, the most interesting solution, in this case, use of a two-level space. The sleeping area for the young couple settled near the ceiling.


To get to it you can for convenient airstairs without railings and partitions that have taken away precious centimeters. If designers would prefer double beds on the floor, they would have lost at least one third of the space of the apartment.


Kitchen area

The kitchen area is a monolithic stand against the wall with mounted sink and a small folding table.

D> B>

For example, a young family had the opportunity to sit comfortably for dinner, but avoid having to regularly get a dining table, wiping the walls.


As for the bathroom and toilet

As for the bathroom and toilet, theynaturally, were related. Bathrooms was a place just below the sleeping area. He was protected white screen, which created a sense of privacy even in such a confined space.

Design of small-sized bath-komnaty25

There will be a small apartment in a place for a small closet where you can store the necessary things in everyday life: vacuum cleaner, heater, or things that are not currently used.


Design itself is a small-sized apartments, traditionally,It was decorated in white tones. Since it is always visually expands the space. Also here is clearly sustained the golden rule: "The smaller the space, the smaller the decor." To a small apartment does not look like a box of junk, you must use a closed furniture store things and to give from the abundance of decorative elements and textiles.

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