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20 examples of stylish design workspace to inspire to work and creativity

Inspiring examples of design work area.

In the new review, two dozen were collectedincredibly stylish examples of how you can arrange your workspace. With the interior design inspired to work and new achievements will be incredibly easy!

1. Scandinavian style

Work space in a Scandinavian style.

Light working space, designed inScandinavian style with angular wooden table, shelves and plenty of stylish living and the painted plants that decorate and produce oxygen, stimulating the brain.

2. Bright splash

Working area with bright table.

A small working area with a light-colored walls, a magnificent bright yellow table, modern chairs made of transparent plastic and stylish golden lamp.

3. Minimalism

Workplace in a minimalist style.

A small working space in a minimalist style with laconic desk of rough wood, wicker baskets and a huge mirror on the wall.

4. The classic combination

Black and white workspace.

Stylish, compact and concise workplace, decorated in black and white colors and complemented with original décor items.

5. Retro

Charming workspace with a desk in a retro style.

Maiden workspace with a desk in a retro style, a comfortable armchair, an abundance of flowers and charming paintings, which are inspired to work and creativity.

6. buttercup office

Cheerful office with Goldilocks strip.

Workspace, the highlight of which was a strip of bright cheerful colors of the buttercup.

7. Glamour

The glamorous home office.

Elegant home office with a large white table, upholstered bench and plenty of glamorous decor, which makes the workplace an ideal for an artist or designer.

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8. Compact and comfort

The compact workstation with a corner table half.

The compact workstation with an angular half-table of light wood, with two bar stools and a collage of pictures on the wall.

9. Creative solution

Stylish workplace in a Scandinavian style.

The original desktop with its legs in the form of two ladders, carrying more and shelving functions.

10. Brass parts

Black and white workplace with brass fittings.

Exquisite work space with elegant desk, and an abundance of stylish accessories copper color.

11. An inspiring space

Workspace in a mixed style.

Stylish working space with white walls, wooden desk in a retro style, and the original display for photo cards.

12. marshmallow mood

Stylish workspace in pink.

Charming workspace with white-pink walls and an abundance of stylish decor in the form of multi-colored garlands, colorful paintings and amazing handmade calendar.

13. Emerald luxury

Working area with emerald walls.

An inspiring space with trendy green wall and concise wooden furniture.

14. Rose Quartz

Seating Area in the gray-pink.

Exquisite work area, decorated in gray and pink colors with stylish modern furnishings and elaborate decor.

15. Foggy Albion

Cabinet in gray.

Mysterious interior home office, decoratedmostly in shades of gray, with a great work desk with light wood and well thought out decor items that make the workspace is really unique.
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16. Concise design

Stylish workspace in minimalist style.

Stylish working space with white walls, concise a wood desk and original features that make the finished work zone.

17. Tropical

The work area in a tropical style.

The compact workplace, the highlight of which were curtains with rich tropical prints and vibrant potted plant.

18. Poetic Black

Workplace with a black table.

Exquisite elegant workstation with black table and stylish rack of the same color.

19. Stylish stripes

Black and white workspace with golden accessories.

Excellent work area, decorated in black and white, with a striped print on one wall and an abundance of golden accessories.

20. Pastel geometry

Laconic work area in pastel colors.

The discreet design of the working area with an original geometric print on the wall, a desk and a modern one single poster on the wall.

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