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18 wonderful Christmas cards, which can make even a child

Simple, but effective postcard with your own hands.

Even a modest souvenir accompanied by beautifulcards, made with your own hands, would be a great gift. This card not only give warm wishes, but will be a great decoration for the home. We explore ways how to easily make a delicious New Year cards.

1. Almost knitted card

Christmas card with his own hands from the remnants of yarn.

Remnants of yarn for knitting can be put to use,making of them a Christmas card with your own hands. Cut a triangle out of cardboard, which will be the Christmas tree, generously lubricate it with glue and wrap with colored thread. The more colors of yarn to be used - the better. Then stick to the usual Christmas tree greeting card and, if desired, garnish with additional.

2. Contrast textile applique

Effective application of the textile.

Pieces of bright fabrics to create usefulpostcards. Choose textiles that will not crumble. Cut out simple figures of fabric - Christmas trees, Christmas balls, animals - and stick the white card. The contrasting color combination looks most impressive.

3. The balls and ribbons

Tapes create a festive mood.

The use of tapes in the decor - a win-winsolution for those who want to create a festive mood. Draw outlines on paper Christmas ball or lay it with glued beads, and place the top of the bow tied from a narrow ribbon. The presence of three-dimensional elements making decorative greeting card is very original.

4. Herringbone with bulky branches

Paper can also be bulk.

Twist the thin tubes of colored paper. One of the edges of the brush with glue to keep it unfolded. Then glue the tubes of various lengths on a postcard. Greeting card with Christmas tree volume is ready.

5. Concise strips

Simple but spectacular Christmas card with your own hands.

Fans will appreciate the restrained minimalism, butspectacular postcard where the Christmas tree branches are made of strips of paper. The only decoration is a postcard decorative seam on the paper and twigs frame at the edges of its front part.

6. Aromatic message

Cinnamon sticks in the decoration of postcard.

Card, which not only looks great, butand smells - a really nice surprise. As a basis for a decorative composition, use sticks of cinnamon or vanilla, surrounding them with Christmas tinsel, beads, pictures.

7. Winter lace

Fluffy tree made of lace.

Lace white becomes snowyfir branches and glued sequins on it - Christmas balls. For background use paper any pastel shade or textured fabric such as burlap.

8. Simple drawing

Original laconic card.

Even a simple drawing on a Christmas card canlook impressive. To look noble card, pay attention to the accuracy of his application. We also recommend to use brute crafting or pure white glossy paper.

9. Sewing paper

Volume applique on New Year's card with his hands.

An easy way to make a card volume - sewany paper figure one suture passing through the middle and fold the edges. Can be used and several figures of the same shape, their common stitched seam, and one of them pasted as a background. Then the image will be more voluminous.

Christmas balls of paper look bulky.

10. With elements of quilling

With the creation of this card to handle even a child.

Quilling - the art of creating decorativecompositions of paper strips. Fully master it in a couple of days before the New Year does not succeed, but to apply certain techniques in the decoration of cards is quite realistic. Circles of twisted narrow strips of paper are Christmas balls and Christmas tree - green curved line drawn on a postcard.

11. A combination of several different textures

Unusual and simple Christmas card with his hands.

Another easy way to diversify the usualapplication - use it for materials with different texture. For example, a knitted fabric, cardboard, tissue paper usual. Then, in spite of the simple form elements card will look nontrivial.

12. Contrasts, eye catching

Neutral image against a bright background looks original.

It is not necessary as the basis of cards used white paper and make a bright applique. Do the opposite, and decorative composition sparkle with new colors.

13. Whether the inscription, or picture

Card, which wants to be considered.

For the inscription and the picture choose the paint, contrasting with the paper base. The intricate and decorative lettering is - the better. Be sure to surround it with small simple drawings.

14. Lovely landscape

Cozy Christmas landscape on a postcard.

Simple landscape-application will be a realdecoration of Christmas cards. Complement his bulky items - cotton simulating snow, beads, sequins, and even chains. This Christmas card with your own hands looks very cozy.

15. Elegant brutality

Takao postcard is particularly appropriate to give to men.

On heavy paper saturated colors makeholes on the triangle circuit. Pull the thread between them in a chaotic manner. Do not make too many stitches - our Christmas card valuable its brevity.

16. Maximum brightness

Glamorous Christmas card.

Draw on the Christmas tree paper and grease it abundantlysilicone adhesive. Undertaking sprinkle sequins and beads. After drying, the contour can be stuck a thick thread. This Christmas card with your own hands will sparkle like a rainbow.

17. Paper Snowmen

Postcard unusual shape.

The basis for the postcard-Snowman becomesfolded several times a white paper. Lightly lubricate it with glue to snowman holding form. From the remnants of fabric to make a snowman hat and scarf, paint his face.

18. The second life of old buttons

Buttons also be useful in the decoration of cards.

In every house there is a set of buttons thatno longer needed, but it is a pity to throw. On the eve of New Year holidays buttons come in handy. Glued on a postcard, they become Christmas balls. Complete composition simple inscription. Christmas card with your hands ready.

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