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18 small design tricks kotoyre make New Year's table a truly festive

Ideas for the New Year table decoration.

Christmas meal or a late dinner with a normala variety of dishes? To avoid confusion, it is recommended to take care of a festive decoration of the table. Not necessarily serve its tens of cutlery and plates to show the uniqueness of the moment. Explore delightful table decoration ideas that can realize each.

1. Ribbons for cutlery

Normal tape transform serving.

Tie the knife, fork and spoon designed for the guest, a shiny belt, and the perception of feast instantly will change for the better. A couple of balls close to the plate - and the table already looks festive.

2. Gold and silver

Gold and silver are perfectly combined.

Making New Year's table - an excellent opportunity to combine gold and silver. If cutlery made of metal silver color, use golden decorations and vice versa.

3. Christmas balls instead of napkin rings

Christmas decoration balls with the help of the table.

Textile napkins tied with ribbonNew Year's ball, looks simple, but elegant. After all, napkin rings, though, and are a classic option of serving, there is not in every home.

4. Shiny background

The golden or silver foil is excellent for decoration New Year's table.

Even the usual cutlery and crockerytransformed, if not place them on the table cloth, and on the foil strip lying in the middle of the table. The foil can be replaced with decorative paper is used in floristry.

5. Holy smoke

The main motive design is repeated in the decoration of dishes.

To decorative composition of conifer branches did not look lonely, keep it like a decoration of dishes. So table design will look complete.

6. Snow-covered table

Obchno paper snowflakes are unusual on the table.

Conventional paper snowflakes that can cut even a child can become a central element of decoration New Year's table. If the glass dishes - use them as a support for her.

7. Glasses - upside down

Custom candlesticks of glasses.

Several glasses or glasses - an integraleven the simplest of the New Year's table serving. Turn one of them and put on a plate. The bottom of the foot or use as a stand for a Christmas candle.

8. Silver does not happen much

The table in white and silver tones.

White and silver Christmas ornaments therealmost every home as dining stainless steel appliances. All together form a memorable holiday table decoration. To look harmonious composition, add the high elements, such as silver Christmas tree.

9. The greens in the metal

Green branches enliven the design of New Year's table.

Conifer branches or tarragon in metalglasses revive restrained decoration New Year's table. If there were no glasses - Use cans, peeled labels. Another option - to pave the inside of a glass foil.

10. Original ekletika

The absence of the same instrument can be converted to spice processing.

Democratic version of New Year's designtable - use utensils and tools from different sets. Feel free to combine metal, ceramics and glass. The more different design objects will be on New Year's table, the better.

11. Christmas tree - on the table

A simple but effective design.

White and blue - one of the "winter" colors,which in most associated with New Year's holidays. Several blue balls, decorative beads, cones with silver sequins - and festive decoration of the table is ready.

12. Small heat cold winter

New Year's feast in the golden-brown tones.

Originally it looks like a New Year's decorationtable, which is dominated by gold and brown hues. To create a spectacular effect combine exquisite shiny elements with those that have a coarse texture and natural color. For example, metal candlesticks with pine cones or dried branches.

13. Christmas bouquet made of paper

Textile napkins completely optional.

Who said paper napkins or paper does notplace on the holiday table? Of them can make an unusual bouquet for each invited guest. Fold the cloth or paper into a cone shape and fill it with cute little things, that guest can take home with them.

14. Comfortable mugs instead of glasses

Mugs can also become part of the table setting.

Make a meal at home cozy as possible, replacing biggest wine glasses with bright circles. They can also be filled with holiday tinsel.

15. Islet summer winter

Summer and winter cloth is appropriate.

The rules for registration of that New Year's tableOnly certain colors, there must be used. Just lay on the table a bright multi-colored cloth, will create a good mood all the guests. After all the winter we have lacked the color diversity.

16. Edible surprise for guests

Cookies instead of napkin rings.

If the house did not find rings for napkins, then they can be replaced with decorative string. And as a decoration to not use any solid cookies, which does not crumble.

17. The country-style

Democratically registration table.

It is unlikely that the city dweller is not difficult to find a straw. But in stores for flower arranging or hand-made decoration is its counterpart. Do not forget to put candles in glass cups.

18. Fur luxury

Fur Christmas transforms serving.

Use napkins instead of on a plate segments faux fur, and a festive atmosphere at the table is guaranteed. Ideal - to complement a variety of fur decorated in a rustic style.

About to create a festive mood among the invited guests, we have already taken care of. Now, it is useful to prepare for each of them a little surprise, at least New Year's card.

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