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16 new ideas for the interior of a small bedroom, which will make her the best room in the house

Design ideas for small bedroom.

It may seem that a bedroom, a large part of thearea which occupies the bed, not able to be comfortable and aesthetically pleasing bathroom. After all, a fantasy owner's rigidly limited by a lack of square meters. But do not despair. Explore the wonderful ideas that will help make a small bedroom favorite room in the house.

1. A narrow shelf at the head

Unusual shelf above the bed.

A narrow shelf replace bedside tables that take up a lot of space. We recommend to push the bed away from the wall the width of the shelf to ensure the safety of lying on the bed.

2. Wardrobe turns ...

Furniture, standing back to back, save area.

Wardrobe accommodate all your clothes and being next to him the shelf - other things needed in the bedroom.

3. Through the Looking Glass in bed

Mirror in the design of a small bedroom.

A large mirror placed at the head, the sleeping person will not be reflected. Therefore, being in the room is comfortable. Moreover, the reflecting surface will increase the space visually.

4. Fancy Bed

Bright bed linens enliven design small bedroom.

Linens unusual colors will accent in the design of a small bedroom, while not taking away a single centimeter of precious space.

5. Mobile partition instead of a door

Glass sliding partition to replace the door.

Replace conventional hinged doors Mobile partition - the perfect solution for those who want to save space in a small bedroom.

6. The unusual proximity to the bed

Such a cabinet would be functional storage system.

Bed, surrounded by a spacious closet, looks very unusual. Such a cabinet may occupy an entire wall from floor to ceiling, making it a functional storage system.

7. Shelves on the wall

Long shelf completely fill the wall.

Open shelves in the wall are very convenient. They can not only be a place to put things right, but also to serve as a desk.

8. Accent wall

Bright wall becomes a highlight of the interior.

Bright wall becomes the highlight of a small bedroom, while not taking away already missing area.

9. The upward movement

The bedroom on the podium.

If the apartment is not enough space, then think about how to arrange the bedroom on the podium. The space underneath can be used as a storage system.

Podium of the pallet.

10. The soft diffused light

Little bedroom with scattered multilevel lighting.

Replace spotlights and chandeliers LED ribbons. Such a scheme of illumination will make the space more harmonious.

11. Personal mini-gallery

Pictures - perfect decor for a small bedroom.

Reproductions favorite paintings - a great decoration for a small bedroom. What could be better than to sleep and wake up in a pleasant environment?

12. Dressing in plain sight

Open wardrobe.

Even in a small bedroom can accommodate a mini-dressing. That it did not reduce the space, make it without doors.

13. Extravagant ceiling

The unusual design of the ceiling transforms the small bedroom.

Small bedroom design will transform the unusual ceiling. Treat him lying on the bed, you can spend hours.

14. Useful foot of the bed

The chair at the foot of the bed.

Foot of the bed, too, can become functional. It is enough to place beside it a long, narrow table or dresser. Suitable even a chair.

15. cabinets - to the ceiling

Hanging lamps beside the bed.

Replace conventional lamps, standing on the bedside table, hanging on. This can save a lot of space and make the design of a small bedroom unusual.

16. Bedside table or a chair ..

Chair replaces the nightstand.

Bedside tables often look rather boring. Instead, you can use a small coffee table or even a chair.

After a small bedroom changed, it's time to think about the interior of other rooms. For example, freshen up the interior with minimal effort.

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