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16 kinds of spectacular walls, which will replace the boring wallpaper

Options unusual wall decoration.

Papered the walls of wallpaper or paint in monochromecolor - solutions for decoration, which have already become traditional. But what if these options seem boring and outdated? We offer a spectacular way to finish the walls, which have not yet had time to get bored.

1. From the ceiling - wall

Ceiling outlet for wall decoration.

Intricate moldings are rarely able to fit inmodern interior. But the ceiling sockets, mounted on the walls and painted in the color, look very important. A wall with a finish becomes a real highlight of the interior.

2. The eco-style

Cork panel on the wall.

Decorating the walls of cork flooring is not particularlycommon. Most likely, this is due to the widespread belief that the cork - the material impractical. But it is not so. Modern cork panels are resistant to adverse external factors, such as moisture, mechanical damage.

3. Daily Press

Newspapers replaced wallpaper.

The paper on the walls in the form of wallpaper - habitualdecision, so the idea of ​​finishing with the help of newspapers will not be shocking. But keep in mind that newsprint - the thinner, so after drying it is recommended to cover the wall with a protective lacquer.

4. A little brick

The wall is partially lined with brick.

The wall is completely lined with brick, foundin modern interiors often and has already a little bored. We offer an alternative solution - to lay bricks only part of the wall. This decoration is harmoniously combined with snow-white stucco, creating an interesting play of contrasts.

5. Reviving memories of holidays

Decorating the walls of pebbles.

River or sea pebbles - a reliable anddurable material for the walls, which is easy to operate. With small stones can be laid out as an entire wall, and a separate portion thereof, for example, the area of ​​the kitchen apron.

6. Cheap and cheerful

OSB for the walls.

If the wall finish with natural wood willa serious blow to the family budget, we recommend that you look at other options. For example, the surface finish of the walls with the help of OSB. But be careful: the interior to look creatively, will have to think carefully about all its details. Otherwise there is a risk to cross the boundaries of good taste.

7. Soft wall made of eco-leather

Luxury finishing panels in eco-leather.

Wall panels made of eco-leather looktruly luxurious. But in order that the interior does not look too pathetic, be sure to pay attention to non-standard colors. Modern will look panels in eco-leather interiors laconic.

8. Stretch wall ...

Stretch walls become interior zest.

Practice finishes with tension until the wallsvery common. They are a web fixed to the frame. Advantages of such finishes - high speed of installation, the possibility of putting all images in high quality.

Quality stretch wall - with a good image.

9. Brutal finish large stone

Unusual stone in the decoration of the walls.

Large stones in the decoration of the walls are rare,though looks more impressive than the small. In order to do such a finish to decorate the interior, be sure to upload their entire wall, leaving a space between the adjacent stones.

10. Exquisite glass glitter

A glass wall looks exquisite.

Glass panels may be variedcolors and textures. Therefore, choose a model that will fit harmoniously into the interior, it is possible. Often the glass panels are fixed on top of the wall with the other kind of finish, such as brick or stone. It allows you to create impressive 3D-effects in the interior.

11. The soft inner light

The wall, which has become an additional source of light.

This type of finish difficult to implement withthe technical side. But the result is really worth the effort. On the wall mounted light sources, eg, LED ribbon. Then, a short distance from them - the wall panels.

12. Paint + 3D-panel

Painted panels.

In most cases, gypsum3D-panels sold in white and are used to finish original form. But in the colored form, they look much more interesting. In addition, it facilitated the process of entering into a harmonious color scheme specific interior.

13. All the other way around: the image of the frame ...

Extravagant wall.

Pasted wallpaper with bright wall can be filled with the same frames and floor-to-ceiling windows. So a wall will be a lot of different pictures at the same time united by a common storyline.

14. Democratic plastic

Decorating the walls with plastic panels.

Plastic wall panels are usually not happyaesthetic characteristics, and are perceived as a material for wall finishing time. Therefore, we recommend to spend a little more time than planned, and to find high-quality plastic panels. Then the chance to create a dynamic and stylish interior will increase significantly.

15. Construction of plasterboard - it is not always a bad thing

The wall with niches plasterboard.

Complex wall structures made of plasterboard -decoration, which condemns the majority of designers. But there are examples where the drywall in the interior looks stylish. To stay within the limits of good taste, be sure to consult with professionals in the selection shape design.

Current interior with plasterboard structures.

16. The novelty in the world of finishing materials - flexible stone

Finishing flexible stone.

This material is a rock dustpolymeric layer or fixed in a flexible manner. Bending stone allows you to recreate the texture of natural, even on uneven surfaces of complex shape. The cost of it is quite democratic.

When a general idea of ​​the unusual methods of finishing walls is obtained, it may be a desire to return to the familiar and proven solutions. In this case, be sure to check with the way 27 examples of the impressive transformation of the interior with the help of wallpaper.

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