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15 tricks for a small child that will turn it into a dream room baby

Design ideas for small bedroom.

The presence of the child's own room -no doubt, the reason for his joy. But if the area is small, the baby will face certain inconveniences. But really just a big baby may really like a child? Of course not. Explore the secrets that make children's dreams of becoming a real room for the baby.

1. Festive decorations on weekdays

Easy and beautiful decor.

Who said that a variety of holiday decorations canUse only in gala days? Such decorations instantly enliven the interior of a small child, without weighing it. Moreover, democratic price holiday decor allows you to change it as often as you see fit. Paper balls, garlands ... The options are many.

2. The wall, which can be considered for hours

Accent walls are an unusual interior.

For decorative accent wall in a small childchoose wallpaper with a complex pattern, which is a long time will not bother the child. Ideal - an image that will also contribute to the intellectual development of the child. For example, a map of the world in the wall.

3. Own mini-kingdom

Multifunctional furniture for children.

Flat so small that individualchild has no place? It's not a problem. Book manufacturing multi-functional furniture for children. On a few square meters fit a bed, a table, a storage system. After a child is so important to feel that in the "adult" space, he has his own area.

Cozy children's corner.

4. Surrounded favorite things

Mini Closet in the nursery.

The workplace for older children, surrounded by a mini-wardrobe - great for small children's rooms. This trick allows you to make full use of the vertical space of one of the walls.

5. Conversely Plinth

Skirting serves as a shelf.

Plastic wall panel reliably protects the wallin the children from dirt and mechanical damage. And to such a finish has become more functional and secure at the top of a plinth. He will play the role of shelves where kids will be able to place favorite toys and other necessary stuff.

6. From the hallway - in the children's room

Hanger from the hallway to the nursery.

Often children are not removed, not because they do not havethe desire to do it, but because of the inconvenience or the complexity of the process. To the room was less scattered clothes, simplify it as much as possible
storage. For example, put the child in a capacious coat hanger.

7. Nominal room

Named in the nursery decor.

The decor, which will always be relevant to the child -This wooden letters, of which is composed of the name of its main owner. They can be hung on the wall or mounted on the bed. This simple trick will help the child to feel like a full-fledged owner of your own personal space.

Engaged in manufacture of such decor, many workshops.

8. Wall with lots of shelves

Small shelves can be made with your own hands.

Produce rectangular shelves can be of denseCartons, such as shoe. The more of these boxes - the better. The child will be able to sort all your favorite toys and trifles. It will also allow use of vertical space in storage.

9. Taking care of decoration and not forgetting about the desires of the child

Wall safe.

Children tend to steal the wall posters, photos,picture ... It looks good, but the placement of this decoration is suffering wall decoration. Hang several large boards with cork flooring, a long rope with clothespins. It does not have to fight with a child who seeks to decorate the room to your liking, as well as maintain the integrity of wall decoration.

10. Functional bed

Convenient storage system is needed in the nursery.

The presence of roomy box under children's bedfacilitate the process of cleaning the child in his room. Moreover, such a storage system is particularly relevant in the interior of a small bedroom. After all, most of the possibility of rational use of the space under the bed forget.

11. Sleep in air

Suspended bed.

Suspended bed - an original solution for the child that has not yet had time to get bored. To design was relatively stable, use not long thick rope.

12. To hide from the world

Tilt the canopy in place in the boy's room.

Interior small bedroom does not allow to allocatea separate area for complete privacy of the child, for example, set the toy house or hut. But it is a problem. Completely child can retire for a canopy or awning, fixed over the bed. This solution is suitable not only for girls but also for boys.

Canopy will transform the interior of a child's room.

13. Bed overlooking the street

Unusual bed in the interior of a small child's room.

With multifunctional furniture which isberth and storage system at the same time, views of the street. To dream the baby was comfortable, do not forget to take care of the additional insulation of walls and windows.

14. Smooth transitions furniture ...

Furniture, standing back to back, save area.

Familiar to most accommodation optionfurniture - free space between the individual elements. But in the interior small bedroom may be problematic. Put the furniture back to back, and then the room will accommodate everything you need for the baby. To the interior looked harmoniously, be sure to choose one color for all the furniture.

15. Suspended seat - instead of swing

Suspended seat in the interior of a small child.

Somehow suspension seat is most often usedin the interior of the living room or the garden arrangement, but not in the nursery. Destroy this stereotype, and the child will be crazy about bold experiment. Suspended chair not only saves space in a small child, but also to replace the swing child.

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