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15 ingenious ways to freshen up the interior in the winter at a zero budget

Refresh the winter interior.

End of the year - the best time to completerestart in all spheres of life. So why the interior has to remain the same? Being in a boring situation, where it seems that nature is asleep can be so sad ... Explore ways to help freshen up the interior of the winter with minimal cost.

1. The new location for wall decor

The unusual location of the paintings in the winter the interior.

Just pereveste pictures and photo swapping them, and the perception of an interior change.

2. Light curtains instead of heavy curtains

Light curtains, combined with Roman blinds.

In winter, when the length of daylight decreases, more important than ever to provide a full flow of sunlight into the house.

3. Simplified decor

Winter interior with a discreet decoration.

Intricate decorations for the house aggravate the perception of design. Replace sophisticated decor more minimalist and laconic.

4.Energiya paints

Transform old furniture and get your own.

Winter apathy retreats, if you add in the interior of the eye-catching accents. For example, to repaint old furniture in bright colors.

5. Festive garland on weekdays

Festive garland - a source of good mood.

After the New Year holidays are over, do not rush to remove the garland. Winter interior decor by this benefit.

6. Rearrange furniture

Nestandatnoe furniture layout will freshen the interior.

Costs for refreshment of the interior of the winter by a permutation of furniture - are minimal. But the effect is really

7. Fruit - parade

Vase with fruits appropriate not only in the kitchen.

Find the kitchen a little space for multiple outdoor vases fruit. This not only looks nice in the winter the interior, but also useful for the owners of the house.

8. With thoughts of spring

Live plants will never go out of fashion.

Decorate your home with something that will remind you of spring. For example, the winter interior refresh flowering plants or grass in a pot.

9. Fragrance vivacity

The pleasant aroma in the house is very important.

Cheer up from hibernation help citrus or pine scents. Scented candles, diffusers and air fresheners - you choose.

10. Solo exhibition

Unusual gifts accommodation option.

Winter often becomes a time of memoriesan active and memorable vacation. Because low temperatures impose restrictions on the ways of spending leisure time. To cheer myself up, organize a mini-exhibition of the house - for example, souvenirs brought back from his travels.

11. Floor cushions instead of massive armchairs

Pillows replace upholstered furniture.

To add variety to the winter eveningsfriends, try not to spend time on an armchair or couch, and floor cushions. This will make the atmosphere more democratic and conducive to communication.

Pillows transform boring interior.

12. The bright carpet time

Bright carpet animates the environment.

Floor carpets in the winter - it is very practical. With them in the room will not only be more comfortable, but warmer. Stay models bright colors.

13. A new home for flowers

A simple alteration of flower pots with their hands.

In winter you can not transplant all domestic flowers. But decorate old pots, giving free rein to imagination, nobody forbids. Winter interiors sparkle with new colors.

14. Home mini-hearth

Candles on a plate instead of a fireplace.

For most real fireplace available. Replace it with a false chimney, or a few candles that stand on a platter.

15. Ceramic and Metal

The decor of warm colors warm winter interior.

Ceramic vases, metal decor with warm shades - the perfect solution for those who want to freshen up the interior of the winter.

After a winter transformed the interior, it is time to take care of pereobustroystve separate rooms. For example, consider functional and convenient storage systems for the living room.

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