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15 fresh trends in interior design, which you should definitely take note

Stylish trends that should bring to your home.

Readers new traditional reviewdedicated to the most recent trends and incredible interior. Each of them is worth considering, as a potential option for your own home. Many of them have long been widely used around the world.

1. Cheerful Green

Bright green color in the interior.

Institute of Pantone color color declared the youngmain color of vegetation in 2017. According to experts and designers, bright green color can freshen up a room, add interior dynamics and will create favorable conditions for work and leisure.

2. Butterfly

Wallpapers with butterflies.

Images of butterflies went beyond 2017naive decorations, children's bedroom and began to penetrate into the interiors of all the rooms in the form of a complex and bright accent. Famous designers claim that the wallpaper with butterflies are able to revive the most boring space and bring the interior of notes of happiness and optimism.

3. Patchwork

Details patchwork and mix of textures.

New York Fashion Week, which took place moreautumn of 2016, offered the designers and the general public a new trend is to mix different unsuitable at first sight textures. So this year welcome almost any bold decisions: home textiles in patchwork style, a combination of wood and ceramic finishes and all possible combinations of furniture.

4. Textures

Dear and pleasant to the touch material.

In recent years, people are less likely to attendfurniture stores and studios, preferring to choose and order the right things in the catalog. However, this year things will change as the fashion does not include models and textures to choose who can only rely on their own feelings. So to all those who planned this year to replace the old sofa, chair, bed, or get new pillows and blankets should go to the furniture store and pay attention to the model chipped velor, velvet or fur.

5. Hidden System

Ergonomic furniture and hidden system in the house.

Experts and designers proclaimed the year 2017 -year of breakthroughs in the field of space economy. Therefore, in the coming year will enjoy unprecedented popularity transformed furniture, hidden in the interior of household appliances, all kinds of sliding systems and other things that will finally solve the problems of many people who were forced to close in a tiny apartment.

6. Blue - the new black

The interior in blue.

Here too a few years the blue color is not losing itsposition in the field of interior design, which made it possible already to make it into the category of classic colors such as black and white. This year's fashion deep dark blue sea and all kinds of shades. Designers claim that the blue gamma goes well with almost any furniture, and is suitable for decoration of any room.

7. New forms of ceramic tiles

Interior finishing ceramic tiles.

Decorating the walls and floor ceramic unusualtiles, ever popular in this year. Among the most popular forms: a hexagon, and a drop of "arabesque". It is worth noting that in the new season are also welcome combination of different colors, shades and textures tiles.

8. Black Furniture

Black furniture in the interior.

Black furniture beautifully combined with anyfinishes and in perfect harmony with the other colors furnishings. However, buying such furniture should know some important nuances. First, the black furniture should be of high quality and look expensive so it is better to stop at several elegant chairs furnish the room than the tasteless objects. And secondly, you should not choose black for furnishing small rooms with windows facing the north, otherwise there is a risk of a gloomy hole instead of a stylish space.

9. Wooden tiles

Wooden tiles instead of boards and panels.

In place of the wooden panels and rough planks of the season came the original wooden tiles that can be used for finishing the floor and walls. This finish makes an elegant and cozy accommodation.

10. Interior with rustic elements

Country style in the interior of a city apartment.

Wooden wall decoration and furniture, the beams onceiling, stuffed animals, and a fireplace will bring in the interior of a city apartment a bit of comfort and tranquility which are so necessary occupation of the inhabitants of the metropolis.

11. Original bedside tables

Stylish bedside tables.

All those who wish to refresh in the new year andtransform the bedroom interior designers recommend to start with bedsides. Moreover, from the myriad of patterns is to choose something original and stylish, for example, a stand of acrylic, brass or wood designer cabinet.

12. Parayaschaya furniture and decor

Furniture and decorative objects made of acrylic.

The designers promise that this year minimalism reaches its climax. This means that in a fashion not only transparent acrylic furniture, but practically "invisible" decoration.

13. Imitations

Materials, stylized natural.

Despite the fact that the eco-style is still in vogue,in 2017 most of the natural materials to replace their artificial counterparts. This trend, of course, will appeal to many consumers as synthetic materials have better wear resistance, unpretentious in the care and are much cheaper than natural. So those who have long dreamed of the marble tabletops, leather furniture and fur bedspreads this year will be able to get a similar, without the risk of being branded as tasteless man.

14. boho style

Interiors in the bohemian style.

Bohemian style - a great chance to put intolife all their wildest ideas and dreams, make the interior bright and unique. And the coming year as well as possible, by the way, is suitable for this, as it is bohemian style came into its list of the most popular destinations.

15. Mid-Century

The combination of comfort and modernity.

People who are not ready for bold experiments inBoho style is worth paying attention to trendy interior Mid-century (mid-century), which combines modernity, practicality and comfort.
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