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15 design ideas for the interior, which will soon become trendy

Fashion trends next year - controversial and non-trivial.

The latest interior trends and design ideasappear every month. But not all of them take root. On one forget quite quickly, while others do not lose their relevance over the years. We talk about design ideas for the interior, which is really worth considering.

1. Noble brushed bronze

Matt bronze in the interior design.

Matte Bronze - more versatile in terms of compatibility with the interior style, in contrast to the shiny. This metal looks more refined.

2. Unusual bathroom furniture

The original bathroom furniture.

First of all, we are talking about the so-calledMoidodyr - bathroom furniture that combines the functions of storage, dressing table and pedestal washbasin. Even an old chest of drawers or a small desk in the design interiors are Moidodyr.

3. Duet shades of white

Shades of white.

To cool or neutral white color is not made uncomfortable interior designers combine it with warm shades of off-white. A deep and delicate interior ready.

4. Return the green

Trendy green interior design.

The color of the year according to Pantone, Greenery or "greens" certainly appeal to many. The dynamic and relaxing at the same time, it will help create an unforgettable interior.

5. Elegant Corridor

Corridor, striking the imagination.

The dimensions allow the use of the corridor for his finishing elite materials. In addition, there are permissible most daring experiments - because time is spend a little suck.

6. The kitchen island in a contrasting color

Bright white island in the kitchen.

White kitchens are still relevant, but often they can be seen an island of contrasting interior. This design method allows to revive the cool white interior.

7. Wall panels instead of tiles in the bathroom

Wall panels in the bathroom.

The panels in the lower part of the wall to protect it from moisture not less reliable than the usual tiles. The remaining space is covered with waterproof paint.

8. Floor tiles with a graphic pattern in the kitchen

Tile with a concise pattern.

If selected for the kitchen floor tile with a graphic pattern, the apron is better to make monotonous. Otherwise there is a risk to go beyond the boundaries of good taste.

9. Playful lighting for bedside tables

Suspended bedside lamp.

Conventional lamps, standing beside the bed, looking bored. A pendant lights also will save precious space in a small bedroom.

10. Additional kitchen furniture at the free wall

Advanced set of furniture in the kitchen.

If the kitchen was left free wall, and allessential elements of the furniture already posted, then next to it is possible to put a kitchenette. From usual it differs in size and functionality. For more kitchen furniture can serve as a mini-bar, coffee corner, shelves for beautiful glassware.

11. Master bedroom in the saturated colors

Wonderful bedroom in rich colors.

Many believe that the bedroom are acceptable only pastel shades. But more and more designers decorate the interior of the bedroom in caramel, ruby, crimson, and even black.

12. Tree on white kitchen

Wood revives interior.

Warm texture of natural wood successfully softens the coldness of a kitchen, which is dominated by white color.

13. Wooden kitchen with a touch of retro

Fully wooden kitchen can also be stylish.

Kitchen furniture, dominated by wooden facades - is not a relic of the time, and the trend is that more and more designers are using. This interior can also look modern.

14. The unusually shaped tile for kitchen apron

Tile unusual dishes in the interior design.

Standard finishes kitchen apron - a rectangular or square tile mosaic. Designers are advised to pay attention to other forms of tiles.

15. Hanging chair in the living room

Suspended seat in the living room interior.

Hanging chair - not a novelty. But the designers have begun to actively use them as seats for the living recently.

After becoming acquainted with the fashion trends is the time to make something for the house with his own hands. For example, of PVC pipe.

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