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14 exclusive ideas, how to make a bottle of champagne decoration New Year's table

Decor champagne for New Year's table.

Champagne - the familiar symbol of the New Yearholidays. Therefore, you may want to vary the usual kind of New Year's table. To this end, it is not necessary to give up the champagne. Share ideas to help make the usual Champagne present decoration festive feast.

1. Champagne in ... hats

Cute hats for Christmas decoration champagne.

Sew small caps for bottles can be a couple of minutes from fabric remnants and artificial fur that exist in every home. Also, they can be connected.

2. Vem rope

Decoration of bottles with the help of decorative rope.

Rough decorative rope texture is combined with elegant ribbons and shiny Christmas toys. Rope can wrap the bottle in whole or just its neck.

3. Yourself artist

Decorate the bottle under the force of even a child.

Simple drawings on the champagne bottle look very cute. Using sandpaper, clean it from the factory labels and acrylic paints, apply image you liked.

4. Inscriptions, uplifting

Self-made labels for champagne.

Print out or draw on paper label champagne and replace her factory. The brighter and brilliant new label - the better. Pictures, descriptions, decor is welcome.

5. More shine

Sparkling New Year's champagne decor.

Brilliant decor easily creates a festive mood. To decorate the bottles use foil or sequins glued to the glass.

6. Festive wrapping

Izgotvlenie Decor champagne bottle out of paper takes very little time.

Wrapping paper can also become a worthy decoration for champagne bottles. Attaches to paper with glue and tape to the bottleneck.

7. Sweet mood

Champagne and chocolates - a win-win combination.

Champagne and chocolates - a classic setChristmas decorations. So why not combine them in a literal sense? Candy glued to the bottle by means of a silicone glue or double-sided tape.

8. Champagne, which will not freeze

Mini jerseys for champagne.

Unusual clothes for the bottle can be made from an old sweater or tie yourself. Select textured and patterned knitted fabric: such decor will look more interesting.

9. Luxury fur decor

Champagne in furs - for special occasions.

If the fur, which can be wrappedbottle, is not found, replace it with an artificial one. The advantage of such a decor lies in the fact that chilled champagne will be heated slowly.

10. Affordable textile covers

In the bag - not a cat, and champagne.

Remains of felt, velvet or other dense textiles can be used for sewing slipcovers for champagne bottles. Optional covers are decorated with appliqués, buttons, beads.

11. With thoughts about Santa Claus

Simple, but effective décor bottles of champagne.

Folded in the form of a cone of tissue segment resembles a hat of Santa Claus. To strengthen these associations make fur yarn or beard, and of shiny beads - the nose.

12. Laconic decoration on the neck of the bottle

The decor in the bottleneck.

It is not necessary to decorate a bottle of champagne as a whole. Even a bottle decorated with a neck transform the familiar look of the New Year table.

13. Decorating per minute

Easy negligence decor gives it a special charm.

Decorate the champagne can be a couple of minutes. Just take a piece of fabric of suitable size, wrap them a bottle and tie a ribbon.

14. Weaving ribbons

Decor champagne bottle feeds.

Bright ribbons transform an ordinary bottle. If the deal with the intricacies of weaving no desire, just point-fix tape transparent glue.

Another excellent option decor New Year's table can become unusual candlesticks. they can done by hand in just a few minutes.

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