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12 design tricks that will make any room more beautiful and more attractive

Professional tricks from interior decorators.

When the interior concept of thought, comestime to think about important details. Of course, dressing room welcomes creativity. Yet compliance with several recommendations just will not be superfluous. Explore tricks from professional decorators who will go for the benefit of the interior of any room.

1. Staining without haste

Unusual painting of walls.

Tint paint for the walls is more important than it mightIt seems at first glance. Test several types of paint in small areas of the wall directly in the room where will be finishing work, and only then make a final selection. The specifics of the lighting can change the perception of color.

2. Quality instead of quantity

Minimalistic interior.

Some really interesting and high-quality interior elements instead of many mediocre - the right choice. In addition, such an approach would save square meters.

3. The right place for pictures

The painting hangs in the view level.

Pictures, posters or other similar decoration isplace is not too high. The best place on the wall corresponds to the level of a standing person view: from floor to center of the picture - about half a meter. Even if the room ceilings are high, the recommendation remains valid.

4. The optimal size of the carpet

The correct size of the carpet.

There are three options to choose the right sizecarpet. They all boil down to the mutual arrangement of its legs and seating furniture. Only the front legs are standing on the carpet, all or none. To the interior does not look overloaded, part of the floor near the walls must remain unconcealed carpet.

5. Trends in the background

Living room with a kitchen - a convenient solution for many people.

The desire to stay in a trendy interior is understandable, but the priority factor factor when choosing a style for the room is better to make a personal preference. This ensures a comfortable stay in the house.

6. Solo for key details

Shelf - a highlight of the interior nursery.

Select only one detail in the interior, which will attract maximum attention. The rest of the interior elements will occupy secondary roles.

7. The most interesting - in sight

Raised fireplace in the living room interior stanovtsya central element.

The key interior detail, which is the highlight of the room should not be hidden from view. The best place for it - the wall opposite the entrance to the room.

8. Improper decor - superfluous

A well-chosen décor for shelves designed in the same style.

We recommended without regret to get rid of all the parts that do not fit into the concept of the interior. Will not match the style of the room, no place in it.

H] 9. The attention to scale and proportion

Decorative composition in the living room.

Too small decorations in the living roomgo unnoticed. A major item in a small room may look strange. To a great decor looked appropriate group it in a single composition with a fine.

10. Multi-level lighting

A complex system of lighting in the living room.

Multiple levels of lighting will transform for the better any interior. On the contrary, a single chandelier from the ceiling is capable of significantly spoil it.

11. Something common to all rooms

Bright colors - a binding element for all rooms.

Do not try to create the interior design,which provides the maximum number of differences one room from another. On the contrary, professionals provide holistic residential area where there are several recurring elements in all the rooms. For example, a furniture upholstery with the same pattern.

12. More courage

Extravagant but holistic interior.

Unexpected combinations of objects in the interior are able to produce a stunning effect. Do not be afraid to experiment, because the result is worth it.

Take advice from professional interior decorators, it's time to explore The latest design ideas, which will soon become trendy.I'm sure they will be useful to those who think about how to change the interior for the better.

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