Living room

The interior of the living room in the style of Art Deco

unique features

"In the geometric conception of the living room interiorArt Deco hits total absence of flowing lines and lots of sharp corners, sharp contrast, and in addition, an intricate way of intermittent abstraction. " What is so remarkable Art Deco? What distinguishes it from other current styles?

Living in the art deco style

The interior of the living room in the style of Art Deco

First of all, in the interior of expensive weightaccessories, among which is not uncommon, and the real work of art. Recently there originally. Copies in art deco considered bad form. The decor is full of brightness and a certain gloss.


If to say about Art Deco onhighly professional language, it soon melted in the Empire Art Nouveau than baroque or kitsch. In some detail, he is eclectic and contains elements of several genres at once. For example, narovne with primitive skills then there is a subtlety oriental flavor and are the notes of the Greek motifs.

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In the geometric conception of the living room interiorArt Deco amazing complete lack of flowing lines and lots of pointy corners, and on top of sharp contrast, intricate way alternating with abstraction.


Exotic style added finishing materials, including:

  • Bamboo.
  • Velvet.
  • Nacre.
  • Coconut.
  • Atlas.
  • Glass.
  • Snake skin.
  • Sharkskin.
  • Crocodile skin.
  • Metal casting.
  • Ivory.Living in the art deco style
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The art deco modernist forms okruglovatye diluted abstract sketches, geometric patterns, ethnic elements.

So style is easily recognizable by the following characteristics:

  1. The specific pattern, in which the figure maybe as ethnic motifs and simple zigzag lines. There will never come a floral theme. They are not acceptable in any form, even a hint stilizatsionny.
  2. The main theme of Art Deco is the sun and its rays. It is replaced flowers in the decoration of interiors.
  3. Geometry obstanovkipredstavlena broken lines, trapezoidal shapes, sharp angles.
  4. The art deco honored contrasts. They are often presented in the framework design.
  5. Among the dominant colors - gray, beige, chocolate, black, white, silver. Their companions can be golden, bottle green or maroon color.



Ignoring the fact that the premisesthe spirit of Art Deco might notice a different color, the interior is constantly turns quiet. And all because of the fact that the priority remains white and brown paint, which accent line goes gold, silver, brass.


A striking finishing touch becomes black. He is able to deepen the interior, he added graphic quality, divide the surface into distinct blocks. This zeal for the conclusion of the interior in dark frame it in an art deco style of the African and colonial style, this is just perceived it in a new vision of a much more beautiful as in the decoration used unusual materials and dominated by quiet colors

Living in the art deco style


Living in this art deco stands execution quality. There is no place for carelessness. Interior Art Deco at any time refined and perfect in exploring every millimeter.

Trimmed walls in such living possibleany material offered by modern market. You want to paste over their wallpaper, sew in a plastic timber under zapryachte panel. The good news is that the materials at registration of premises can be combined. The contrast in their transition to buddy buddy perhaps implicit, but it has to be strict.


From the wallpaper in the living room is better to applytextile options, despite the fact that the fit and simple, with a light silky shine. Figure prevoskhodstvovat should not be above the background, on the basis of this well-defined patterns appear in the decoration is not very often. For what reason? Due to the fact that the complex furniture framed by a chur painted walls reincarnated respectable art deco kitsch, and yet we need not this effect

Make a living room art deco moldings will cover the walls. These narrow and fairly long rectangles and add the height of the room will give stylishness.

Living in the art deco style


Favourites cover for the living room floor, performed in the original style, it is considered a parquet. From the colors to the priority of dark colors:

  1. Chestnut.
  2. Bitter chocolate.
  3. Dark walnut.

Such a floor will contrast with the bright background of the walls and furniture and furnishings in the living room get festive and solemn.

Living in the art deco style


The art deco nothing is left unattended,including ceiling. It is also fit to issue the moldings do anything special niche, and not necessarily true to form it. For the interior of the living room in the art deco style will be a real decoration of the ceiling surface, simulating water ripples or bend the pen. Optimal will be placed in the center of the ceiling niche is rounded, from which can hang cascading chandelier.

Living in the art deco style

design Features

Art Interiors decoder is always oppositiongeometric shapes that can actually find a business card areas. The living room, which includes setting strict furniture, filled with arched openings, in the center of the room there are roundish footstools or streamlined chair. Linearity smooth design, introducing a round mirror in the interior. From time to time try to dilute the severity of style stained glass and carved elements.


Do not notice the bourgeois art deco justIt is impossible, due to the fact that its interiors are filled with glamor and well-being. The style is not encouraged asceticism and cultivated lonely unpretentious. Gloss and shine appear here not from inexpensive accessories, and from polished tabletops, furniture glass doors, mirrors and gorgeous crystal chandeliers.


The visual heaviness of living in the style of artDeco does not interfere with the interior to remain compact. Stylish furniture to name a tracery of light can not be, but even in the small living room of her articles can be very even quite a lot. Any element of furniture in the Art Deco designed so as to perform the function, and declared, and quite a lot of places do not take.

The design of such a living mustseem zigzag form. It may be trapezoidal interior decorations, Christmas trees, curved lines or colors with a series of black and bright bands (something like piano keys).


Furnished with own living room, do not exposeFurniture habitual method - along the walls. Art Deco prefers beautiful zoning. room space must be divided into subgroups. More specifically plan to conceive of a living center. In that direction, you can put a coffee table, shiny glass top. Beside him in the future will be built composition of the chairs and sofas.


For all the theatricality of the situation in the interiorArt Deco perfectly visible location general balance and symmetry of objects components. This means that loaded the one part of the living room, you will need to properly proceed with the second. Make it not so difficult as it seems. Come to the aid duplicate pieces of furniture, such as chairs or mini-tables on high legs.



Aerodynamic shape, filling the interiorliving room in the art deco style, inspired by the design of intricate mechanisms, and sometimes even cars. This can be clearly seen in the exterior of upholstered furniture. It comes not a hypertrophied proportions and Futurism, but only on the light smoothing corners. In case if you take a pencil and try to draw the sofa or the same chair, then you can easily do, never severing the pencil from the paper, due to the fact that the chairs armrests seamlessly flow into the legs and headboards seem one with the seats.



Living in the art deco style - a uniqueinterior, has a lot of unique highlights. Its creation will demand imagination, so that if there is a desire to experience their own design capabilities, then this style is the best springboard. Try to create a unique living room, where come together and take root singularity, comfort and beauty.



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