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Design living room with fireplace

Home fireplace in the living room is able to warm and decorate any roomAnd in addition, to organize its space, becomingthe center of the living room area with a set of comfortable upholstered furniture. Living room with fireplace - a dream of many owners of country houses and city apartments. Everything is wonderful knows that it is able to create a working fireplace inner warmth, comfort and a special atmosphere.

kamin6What could be better than sitting in a soft, comfortablechair, watching the open flames and crackling logs. This picture can be contemplated forever, she inspires and soothes. The easiest way to make this dream cherished fireplace in a country house, but in a council flat realize it is possible. Of course, to provide a real wood-burning fireplace living room, you need to at least consult with experts, and it is best to resort to the help of an architect or engineer. But before you start to equip the space for the fireplace, is to decide what type of fireplace you want and can be: a classic wood-fired, electric or decorative trim fireplace. From this choice depends very much, all the decoration and design of your interior. If you have decided on all the complexities of installation and maintenance of the wood-burning fireplace in the room would have except for everything else to find a place for the protective screen and storage of firewood, fleeing from the intense heat during the firing. But most importantly, you must ensure correct collection of the flue. Away from all the hassle and save these complexities substitute natural fireplace - electric fire.

Design living room with a fireplace - a classic of the genre

Living room with fireplace

Electric fireplace will require a great effort on themount, more economical and easy to care for and along with it, is able to warm the room and create a comfortable climate, better than the classic fireplace. In favor of the heater and it tells a rich variety of models on the market today. Apart from the type of the fireplace, a key role is played and design. On this depends the method and location of the fireplace in the living room interior. The most popular option - a fireplace built into the wall, a classic of the classic.
Living room with fireplace

For small spaces, experts recommend the second option - corner fireplaceIt is more compact, but no less beautiful. But quite often used for huge modern interiors expired island fireplaces. They are able to heat large spaces,provide convenient round trip and may have multiple burners. In addition, through the island fireplace can be a very interesting zone the large living room, a space separating the living room from the kitchen and dining room.

Living room with fireplace

The large living room of country houses, prettyit is often possible to see the spectacular picture: Fireplaces with high-hanging pipe chimney, which look very impressive, reminding sculptural art objects. Of course, the fireplace design shall match the style of the room. For a good living quite optimal option with wonderful classical portal. And for the modern environment suitable minimalist glass and stone fireplaces.

Whatever the design and style of the fireplace, hispresence of living increases the possibilities of decorating. Fireplace able not only to organize the living space, but create a comfortable fireplace area with sofas, and in addition a very interesting draw a wall, to which the charge of a fireplace built. So, on the mantelpiece you can set a collection of beautiful things: vases, candlesticks, table clock, small sculpture, and on the wall above all this beauty to hang your favorite painting or a beautiful mirror. Such a fireplace can become the main composition of the interior living room dominated. In other words, invest in a fireplace - is worth it! The most interesting options for the living room with a fireplace are presented in our photo collection.

Living room with fireplace

  • Designers worked with kontrastmi. The living room, decorated in the style of modern classics with a fireplace strict laconic forms. But the color is preserved complete harmony!Living room with fireplace
  • Wood Burning Fireplace with classical portal becamethe center of the semi-circular living room. The center stressed symmetrical composition over the mantelpiece: a pair of candelabra, picture framing and fine sculpture.Living room with fireplace
  • The interior is open style loft lotoriginal design decisions, such as the wooden beams in the concrete ceiling, bearing a carved column, as well as an electric fireplace, which is built into the kitchen island!Living room with fireplace
  • Minimalistic fireplace rectangular shaperound duct fits perfectly into the partition between the large windows and the fireplace flame color echoes the interior vivid detail the living room: a yellow-red cushions and pouf.Living room with fireplace
  • Wood Burning Fireplace built-in faceted protrusion in the wall, so the mantelpiece and base repeated this interesting faceted shape.Living room with fireplace
  • Trim a fireplace with mantelpiece and graphic qualityfinishing of ornamental tiles - a great option for the interior in the style of modern classics with elements of Art Deco and Art Nouveau north.Living room with fireplace
  • The living room is decorated in classic English style with elements of style Mackintosh was equipped with a fireplace in the same way: with a carved mantel and dark wood.Living room with fireplace
  • Great idea! If you can not equip the living room fireplace, you can replace it with a decorative candles, placed in a niche of wall chest that looks very not bad.Living room with fireplace
  • Two tiers of windows living room in a country house has received the highest free-standing fireplace, decorated with white ceramic tiles and partly resembles a Russian stove.Living room with fireplace
  • The original falshkamin originally designed the wall under the TV and became an axis of symmetry the entire interior living room composition.Living room with fireplace
  • The living room of a country house with panoramic windows and is decorated with warm stylish fireplace modernist forms.Living room with fireplace
  • A perfect backdrop for the fireplace with black granite portal has become a wall of ornamental marble gray-beige tones.Living room with fireplace
  • The main dominant of the living room, decorated in the style of the new Art Deco was the fireplace with white portal that is designed in simple yet refined forms.Design living room with fireplace
  • Free-standing wood-burning fireplace several functions. It not only warms the living room, and a large open space zoned suburban home.

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